“Hell On Earth”

First, this has been a bad month for former WWE Superstars: Lance Cade passes away at 29(!!) from heart failure and now Luna Vachon passes away (The Cade death gets me b/c I spent most of the Spring recovering from heart failure/heart infection and surgery, plus Cade is close to my age). We at the 1/8th Nelson, extend our condolences to the families.

When Teddy Long announced that The Undertaker would return to Smackdown this week, Kane promised that there would be “Hell on Earth”. Let’s see if Kane kept his promise…

“Darkness vs. Light… and Purity?”- Kane d. Rey Mysterio (No DQ, non-title match). Kane and Rey actually opened Smackdown. The “Devil’s Favorite Demon” dominated “God’s Servant” with power moves and hard hits (plus many boots to Rey’s face). Kane also focused on Rey’s arm. Rey mounted a small comeback; he hit the 619 and went for the West Coast Pop but got caught and chokeslammed on a chair. Match: Kane. Post-match, Alberto Del Rey (wearing White, as a sing of purity)came out, said that Rey looked like “a dying dog… that needs to be put down”, and attacked Rey’s injured arm. Rey had to be helped out with a (possible) broken arm.

*“Hell On Earth”: Undertaker/Kane confrontation to end the show, the Deadman returned to a HUGE pop from the crowd. He said that Kane committed a grand betrayal and would pay. Kane came out and vowed that the Undertaker would never rest in peace. Nothing too earth-shattering here but I noticed a few things: 1) Taker looked and sounded sick (almost no voice). Don’t know how this will fit into the storyline, 2) a nice quote by Taker: “when he comes calling, the Devil still answers to me with ‘sir’!”, 3) no title match has still been announced for Kane at Night Of Champions- perhaps Kane vs. Taker?…

“Hell’s Bells”: C.M. Punk d. JTG. This match was an absolute DESTRUCTION of JTG, by Punk; JTG was probably hearing more than a few bells after getting hit with the GTS. But Punk actually won the match with the Anaconda Vice. Afterwards, he lined up the members of the SES and warned them again: win or you’re gone.

“Match Of The Night”:  Kofi Kingston d. IC Champion Dolph Ziggler(via countout- IC Title Match). The stipulation in this war was that Dolph would lose the Intercontinental Title if he got DQ’d. I think “Armageddon” would aptly describe this match- what an intense, even bout! Constant momentum swings and inventive offense, esp. by Kofi. Vickie almost got Dolph dq’d, at one point, which prompted Dolph to yell: “Don’t screw this up for me!!’. Vickie would play a part in the outcome, however: as both stars were getting in the ring, Vickie grabbed Dolph and kept him outside- a brilliant move on her part! Kofi wins again but, once again, doesn’t win the title. This has been a great rivalry over the last 2 months or so.

“Broken Code”: Big Show. d Luke Gallows. Not much to this match. Show KO’s Gallows with his punch.

Other Happenings:

-Hornswoggle hid in a bush (again). In Teddy Long’s office. Told Long that he’s been spying on Lay-Cool. Long said him and ‘swoggle could help each other.

-“Dashing Cody Rhodes’s Grooming Tip”: Leg-shaving. Unbelievable.

-Alberto del Rey d. Carlos Sanchez (local). I was a little skeptical about him but, once seeing him in action, del Rey is the real deal. A Gold Medalist at the 1999 Pan-Am Games, del Rio won the match with his corkscrew armbar/armbreaker.

-“Jack Swagger, Sr. Invitational Shootout”. Swagger vs. MVP in an amateur wrestling match- first one with 5 takedowns wins. If MVP wins, he would throw an and-of-the-summer block party and Swagger would pick up the tab. If Swagger won, he would host the “V.I.P. Lounge” next week. Match was almost embarrassingly one-sided to Swagger. Down 3-0, MVP punched Swagger in front of the ref. That got him DQ’d… and an Ankle Lock for his troubles.

“Fragments”- this is the list of those stars who haven’t been on Smackdown (or any show) in a while, haven’t won much if they do appear, and are just generally swimming around in shallow water, not doing much of anything. In essence, “fragments” of themselves. There have been a few wins and shufflings on this list since I last updated it:

4) “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. The things that are keeping him on this list: his gimmick, his “Grooming Tips”, and that Chavo had a better match the last time they both were on TV.

3) Chris Masters. He’s on Superstars… I guess that’s a good thing. He hasn’t been winning much, though.

2) Tyler Reks.  Umm… who? Has he appeared on TV in the last 3 months?

1) JTG. 1st time back on SD in nearly 2 months- gets absolutely squashed by C.M. Punk. Thanks for playing, JTG.

Waiting in line: Chavo Guerrero, Shad Gaspard, Caylen Croft

“Superstars of the Night”: Alberto del Rey and C.M. Punk. Alberto gets the award not only for his match but for his attack on Rey Mysterio. He’s already beaten Rey once (cleanly), now he’s possibly put him on the shelf. Punk gets the award for the total domination of JTG and of the intensity of his segment with the Straight Edged Society.


One Response to “Hell On Earth”

  1. manof1004gimmicks says:

    Rhodes has been main Pro on NXT this season. He’s a lot less grooming and a lot more awesome on Tuesday nights.

    Also I’m impressed you were even aware of Reks being moved to Smackdown. He wasn’t on ECW the final month or so and had a debut match (maybe on Superstars) and that’s it. So kudos on your roster knowledge.

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