A Winning Warrior – NXT 8/31/10

This week was the final episode of season 2 and the winner was Kaval with Michael McGuillicutty taking 2nd and Alex Riley in 3rd. The night opened with a Triple Threat match between them where Riley “stole” the win on McG after Kaval did the work of incapacitating him. This was followed by A-Ri’s elimination and then he gave an amazing exiting promo. Later on, Kaval and McG were given the mic and asked to tell the other why they deserve to win over their competition.  McG was pretty awful during his time so Kaval came off sounding great when he gave his better than average promo. Kaval was announced the winner, McG give a slightly better exiting promo (still pretty bad though) and Kaval celebrated with his Pros Lay-Cool.

Earlier in the night Striker asked the 5 previously eliminated Rookies who they thought would win. This was only important because none of them chose Kaval as who they thought should win and Lucky Cannon made a shockingly douche-bag heel turn. So when Kaval’s victory speech was interrupted by the losing Rookies beating his ass to end the show I was pleased.

Unfortunately as with their last NXT assault it didn’t look as if they told anybody except those directly involved. This worked with Nexus on RAW but the Pros didn’t seem to really know what to do.  I’ll bullet point it for efficiency:

  • MVP, John Morrison and Kofi Kingston came down for the save
  • Alex Riley and Michael McGuillicutty make a way too late to mean anything run down to the ring to stack the odds
  • Eventually all the Pros surrounded the ring as the faces were getting tossed out
  • Riley attacked and tossed Percy Watson (who was attacking Kaval) out of the ring
  • Watson later came back in to finish off Kaval.
  • Once the Pros were tossed out of the ring the refs escorted them away from the ring leaving Kaval to the Rookies
  • Kaval took several finishers from most of the other Rookies

So…congratulations Kaval! Hopefully this plays out on Smackdown with this season’s losers targeting solely Kaval with him getting help from the Smackdown Pros around Survivor Series. That could be just as interesting as Nexus without the need for random shock attacks.

Also announced this week was NXT Season 3 and it’s Pro/Rookie combinations…

With two seasons producing roughly 16 new superstars for RAW and Smackdown there’s only one logical idea for season 3…Divas! That’s right, an all Diva NXT. There will only be 6 Rookies this season for an unknown length of time. So it’ll probably be 12 weeks of women’s wrestling mixed with lame challenges all scripted out by WWE’s C-squad writing staff. And it’ll still be more watchable than TNA. Here’s the pairings:

Kelly Kelly w/ Naomi Night – While I love Kelly Kelly, it’s a bit laughable having her as a Pro but they seem to have a similar gymnast style and love of pink so it’ll probably work. Naomi looks capable but her introduction video didn’t really pop to me.

Alicia Fox w/Maxine – Maxine could be the sleeper in this season but I wasn’t too impressed. They’re going with a high-class style gimmick as far as I could tell.

Goldust w/Aksana – This pair of blonds is a little funny. Everyone seems to love Goldust these days and he’s always good for a quality comedy promo. Add in a gorgeous Lithuanian Rookie in Aksana and this could be a fun duo to watch.

The Bella Twins w/ Jamie Keyes –  NXT’s ring announcer is lacing up her boots this season. Video introduction didn’t really give too much more than she’s athletic but their arguably the best looking pairing.

Primo w/AJ Lee – Here could by your Michael Cole “Internet darling” for the season. While she’s not got the past credentials as Daniel Bryan or Kaval her gimmick seems tailored toward the Internet audience. Self professed nerd with a cute, fun-loving personality. Her only problem may be her Pro. it looks like they’re retooling his persona a little though for this show.

Vickie Guerrero w/Aloisia – If you want to know who’ll be in the finals, she’s will. She may not win but she’s definitely managements choice. She’s 6’9″ and paired with Smackdown’s consultant. She towers over the other 5 girls. She’s going to dominate and she’s probably going to coast to the finals if she is even remotely personable which she seems to be.

So there you have them in all their glory. Since I really only have looks to judge from at this moment my pick is Jamie Keyes.


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