Raw 9/6/10

John Morrison def. Chris Jericho by pinfall
Before the match, the GM said that since Jericho and Edge insulted the WWE Universe last week, if they lost this week, they’d be taken out of the Six-pack Challenge at Night of Champions.  Jericho confronts Michael Cole after the announcement, and throughout the match about who the GM is, but Cole claims to not know.  This was a pretty good back and forth match.  Morrison was able to hit Starship Pain after blocking Jericho’s attempt at a Superplex off the turnbuckle.  Jericho is left in disbelief as he leaves the area.  With Jericho having said that he was done if he didn’t win the Six-Pack Challenge, I’m curious as to what comes next with him.

Divas Championship Match:  Melina def. Alicia Fox by pinfall
Pre-match, Alicia Fox said that she deserved to be the one to fight at Night of Champions and become the “undefined” Women’s champion.  Cole and King were nice enough to correct her and say undisputed.  Fine match.  Of course a bit on the quick side, but whatever.  Melina won it with the Sunset Split.

Edge and Zach Ryder backstage
Ryder offers to be Edge’s opponent, because he knows how it is to be an NOC, number one contender.  Edge says that he always thought that Ryder was a tool, but he says that this is a wonderful idea.  Edge asks the GM to make the match.  Eventually, Ryder realizes that Edge called him a tool.

Ted DiBiase and Maryse backstage
Maryse catches DiBiase telling his “mom” that he loves her.  She tells him that she wants him too, after finding a note that says “I want you.”  He responds with that he didn’t write the note.  And even if he did, how would she know that it was for her.  He could have meant it for anyone.  She starts going off in French, and DiBiase walks away.  Kinda curious where this is going.  Curious as in, “gee, I wonder where this is heading,” and not “wow, I can’t wait until next week and see how this develops.”

John Cena def. Justin Gabriel by pinfall
This match was created because Gabriel was the one that pinned Cena in the 5-on-5 match last week.  The GM also banned Nexus from ringside.  Gabriel actually controlled most of this match, but Cena was able to hit him with an Attitude Adjustment off of the top rope.  This was a pretty good match.  Both wrestlers pulled out a bit of technical wrestling.  Gabriel also had the opportunity to show off some of his high-flying skills, other than the 450 splash.

The Miz in the ring to unveil something
The Miz talks about how tough it was for him to get started, saying people looked down on him because he was a reality show star.  But Miz said he did what he had to do in order to make it in the business, despite what people were saying.  He continues by saying that no matter how many times he succeeds, people keep doubting his ability.  The Miz unveils his cover to WWE Magazine, and demands that everyone admit that they were wrong, and he belongs.  Daniel Bryan comes out discusses how he isn’t the Miz, but knows that he can beat him if given the opportunity.  The Miz agrees to give Bryan the chance.  Miz tries to attack him, but gets put into the LaBell Lock.  Alex Riley runs out and gets put into as well.

Edge vs. The Great Khali
The GM ignored Edge’s request and had him face Khali.  Edge toyed with the idea of breaking the computer, but decided against it.  At the beginning of the match, Edge was walking around the ring, mocking Khali.  Khali came out to attack Edge when he attacked Ranjin Singh.  Edge kicks out Khali’s knees, and made it into the ring before getting counted out.  The GM refused to acknowledge the count out victory, and had the match restarted as a no-DQ, over the top rope challenge.  Khali was actually eliminated twice.  Once, he walked over the top rope and went to the floor, but the match was not stopped.  Cole was questioning it, but Lawler kept deflecting that Edge had to force him over.  The second time, Khali went to step over, but Edge caught his foot and pulled Khali over.  This time, the ref called for the bell.  It was very much a bit of an odd ending.  Not sure though if it was a botch, or if it’s something that is going to play out later on.

Chris Jericho backstage
Josh Matthews asks Jericho about what he said about winning the title at Night of Champions, but Jericho doesn’t even acknowledge him.  As the camera backs up, Morrison is shown to be sitting next to Jericho.  Morrison mocks Jericho a bit, but Jericho hardly looks at him.  I expect this to lead to more things between the two.

Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett by pinfall
It was revealed that the winner would face Cena next week.  Sheamus, Edge, and Cena are providing guest commentary.  Discussing the match, Sheamus keeps saying how the challenge is unfair to him.  Darren Young interrupted the match, and distracted Barrett long enough to allow Orton to hit Barrett with the RKO.  Orton called Young over, then RKOed him.  Edge and Sheamus both miss their moves, and get hit with RKOs.  Orton and Cena stare each other down, but neither does anything.

This show was much better than last week’s episode.  It just seemed like things flowed smoother.  It might be due to the lack of Smackdown guys, or it might be that this show had better quality matches.  Next week on the “season premier is Raw Roulette.  Should be interesting.


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