Raw 9/13/10

The Miz interrupts Chad Ochocinco
Chad Ochocinco, wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, is the guest star for tonight’s Raw.  He welcomes everyone to Raw.  The Miz interrupts, and they go back and forth insulting each other, with The Miz doing most of the insulting, and Chad doing most of the defending regarding the city’s sports team.  The GM has the wheel spun, and finds that The Miz will be in a submission match against Daniel Bryan.

Submission match:  Daniel Bryan def. Alex Riley
The match went on for a little while with each guy getting in a submission move.  The Miz then rolled to the outside, said he was hurt, and decided not to continue with the match.  The Miz sends in his substitute, Alex Riley.  Daniel Bryan is able to quickly get Riley to tap out to the LaBelle Lock.  The Miz runs in and attacked Daniel Bryan.  The Miz tried to hit Bryan with the Skull-Crushing Finale.  Bryan reverses it into the LaBelle Lock, and The Miz is tapping out to it.

Bodyslam Challenge:  Edge def. Evan Bourne; Mark Henry def. Edge in a bodyslam challenge
This was a surprisingly short match, but it did have some high impact moments.  Bourne seemingly knocked Edge out with a kick to the jaw.  After the match, Edge speared Bourne.  The GM didn’t like Edge’s actions, so he put him in another body slam challenge match against Mark Henry.  The second challenge didn’t last very long either.  Edge tried to slam Henry, but got flattened.  Henry then hit Edge with the World’s Strongest Slam to get the win, even though that’s not actually a bodyslam.

Song and Dance match:  R-Truth & Eve vs. Ted DiBiase & Maryse
Yeah, this went exactly as expected.  R-Truth debuted what I guess is a new song.  DiBiase sang “My Way,” and got promptly booed by the crowd.  DiBiase and Maryse attacked R-Truth and Eve, but R-Truth and Eve got the better of them.

Backstage stuff
Zack Ryder is still upset that Edge called him a tool last week.  Edge says that he’s going to do a “holdout” after winning the WWE Championship.  John Morrison does some parkour stuff in the backstage area.  The Edge, Ryder, and Sheamus stuff was okay.  Morrison’s run was alright, but he had a ridiculous look on his face before he started.

Falls Count Anywhere match:  Sheamus def. John Morrison by pinfall
If John Morrison wins this match, he will take Jericho’s place at Night of Champions.  This was a pretty nice match that spent more time out of the ring than in it, and had the fall happen outside of the ring, like a Falls Count Anywhere match should end.  After Morrison had hit Sheamus with a cross body splash from the top of the bottom level of the screens onstage, Jericho came out and delivered a chair shot to Morrison.  This allowed Sheamus to get the pinfall.

Jericho in-ring
Jericho stages a sit in, in the middle of the ring, waiting for the GM to put him back into the WWE Championship match at Night of Champions.  He then says that he will quit if he doesn’t get what he wants.  GM uses a Vince McMahon quote, but Jericho doesn’t buy that it’s Vince.  The GM puts Jericho back in the match, and then comes back, upset that Jericho interrupted him, and says that Jericho is in if he beats the Hart Dynasty in a handicap, steel cage match.  The GM has also made the match at Night of Champions an elimination match.

Steel Cage Handicap match:  Chris Jericho def. The Hart Dynasty
Jericho had to wrestle this match in the suit he was wearing.  The GM told Jericho he should be able to do this since he’s the best at what he does.  The Hart Dynasty jumped out on Jericho early on.  As they tried to escape the cage, David Hart Smith made it to the outside, but Jericho was able to stop Tyson Kidd from escaping.  The match was pretty entertaining.  Jericho was able to make Kidd tap out after putting him in the Walls of Jericho.

Trading Places match:  Goldust def. William Regal by pinfall
This match stipulation was that they each had to come out as the other.  So we get Goldust in Regal’s vest and tights, and Regal in Goldust’s suit, facepaint, and entrance attire.  Regal does Goldust’s taunt, then Goldust hit him with brass knuckles out of sight of the ref, and got the pinfall.  All-in-all, a hilarious segment.

Table match:  Randy Orton def. John Cena
The match was going along well enough.  Cena and Orton were having the type of match you’d expect the two to have.  After a couple close calls with tables, Nexus runs out and attacks Cena.  Michael Tarver gets taken out with an RKO, and Cena hit David Otunga with an Attitude Adjustment.  Cena tossed Heath Slater over the top rope and through a table.  Wade Barrett hit Cena with Wasteland.  As Justin Gabriel was preparing to hit Cena with a 450 splash, Orton pushed Gabriel off the turnbuckle, and through a table.  Orton then knocked Barrett off the apron and through a table.  Edge and Jericho came out to attack, but Edge ended up putting Jericho through a table with a spear.  Sheamus tried to attack Orton, but he too ended up going through a table.  Cena got Orton up for an Attitude Adjustment, but as he was throwing him off onto a table, Orton reversed into an RKO through the table.


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