Jokes & Jokes & Jokes & Jokes – NXT 9/14/10

This week the Rookies showed their sense of humor and their endurance with a Joke Off and The Obstacle Course. They even threw in some matches to break up the excitement.

The Joke Off

Based on the name alone I was expecting this to not be funny. Though it wasn’t as bad as I thought it be there’s a reason they’re in the WWE and not on Comedy Central. We did get two cat fights from AJ during this Challenge because . She may have anger issues…adorable anger issues. Back on subject, Jamie won with a ‘Knock Knock’ joke with punchline being “Aksana who?” Exactly.

The Obstacle Course

The same course as last season but instead of Matt Striker running the demo we got Vickie Guerrero. Funny but unfortunately she wasted more time than she took to run the course. It took her over a minute to run it. Highlights were AJ having to do almost 10 extra push ups and Naomi screwing up almost every section and actually doing 10 extra push ups. Kaitlyn won with a time of 36.5 with Jamie in 2nd by few 10ths of a second.

Cole Flips Out

After each Challenge Michael Cole lost it, banging a gong next the announce table and saying how much he disliked the NXT format. After the Obstacle Course he walked out completely to the crowd’s “Na, na, na, na. Hey, hey, hey. Good bye.” Let’s see how this plays out. But maybe we won’t have to hear Cole berate the Rookies anymore.

As for the rest of the show…

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn def. Primo & AJ

Pretty good match. Not very long but for having maybe a month of training Kaitlyn didn’t suck. Match ended when Primo missed a corner splash and Ziggler hit the Zig-Zag for the pinfall. After the match Kaitlyn and Ziggler shared a victory hug that lasted a little too long for Vickie’s taste. This would come up later in a backstage promo.

Jamie def. Aksana

This match wasn’t as bad as some have said but it was clear that experience was an issue. Jamie picked up the win with a Schoolgirl pinfall after Aksana missed a corner splash. Note to NXT Season 3, don’t go for a corner splash.


AJ – Everyone picks on the smallest and she’s no exception. Fans are split on her for now though. As for her joke, she had pacing problems. She sped through the set up of her joke so fast the punchline couldn’t register. It wasn’t unfunny though. She did have a match right before it so we’ll blame that. And I swear if she flips her hair any more her neck’s going to snap off.

Maxine – Joke was awful but lead to a true cat fight which you don’t see much of anymore. On the plus side her attire didn’t look like a 12 year olds figure skating dress. Got a video spotlight that gave her background in criminology. Most notable thing about it was her thoughts on power being more important than looks. That could be a great character angle to work with.

Kaitlyn – Oh Kaitlyn. So obviously green but no one cares cause you play it off so well. Joke was terrible because she got in fight with AJ before finishing the punchline but gets style points for her obstacle course run. She did a somersault into her push ups then laid out across the cart as she pass the finish line. Match was better than I expected and she has the best storyline going for her.

Jamie – Won the Joke Off for two reasons. 1. She played to the crowd, getting them involved. 2. She kept it simple. As for her match, she stuck to basic mat work so she didn’t look bad. She’s got potential with time. 

Naomi – Oh how the mighty have fallen. She was barely a blimp on the radar this week. She’s not really a joke teller. It was funny but the delivery seemed forced. It involved a dog with no legs. I’m not even going to talk about her obstacle course run out of sympathy. She did get a video spotlight where I learned she was a Dunkin’ Dancer during her time with the Orlando Magic. Neat.

Aksana – Dear Aksana, You can’t be a face if you’re constantly speaking a foreign language (unless your Japanese but they’re awesome). This is America. We don’t like things we can’t understand. Aside from that her joke was funny. She just shouldn’t have said it in Lithuanian first. She carried the offense for most of her match but it was nothing too spectacular. The best part of her is how well she plays off of Goldust.

Michael Cole – His blow up could play out numerous ways. Slow burn to him being the mystery GM on RAW, he outright leaves NXT and we get Striker, Grisham or Byron Saxton on commentary or maybe he returns as NXT’s GM revamping the format to something watchable by more than just those who have chosen to write blog posts on the show. Maybe a combination of all 3 or something totally different. It is at the very least the most interesting thing Cole has done since getting drunk at the Decade of Smackdown Celebration.


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