Punk Saves Another Lost Soul – NXT 9/21/10

As you recall Michael Cole quit NXT last week to the WWE Universe’s elation. But who would replace him as no one really wants to hear just Josh Matthews for a full hour? The answer is our ‘Straight Edge Savior’ CM Punk. Now I’m not sure if Punk was just that good or whether it was the fact that I was a little drunk when watching this weeks episode but I thoroughly enjoyed NXT this Tuesday.

The night started off with Matt Striker giving the Challenge updates for the Rookies and when he got to Kaitlyn, “Excuse me!” is heard throughout the arena. Vickie Guerrero came to the ring and took credit for Kaitlyn’s Obstacle Course win last week. She then brought out some more Pro help for her Rookie in the Co-Undisputed Diva’s Champions LayCool. LayCool berated each of the not-Kaitlyn Rookies (specifically Jamie) until Kelly Kelly stepped in and challenged LayCool & Kaitlyn to a Six Diva Tag Match against Jamie, her Rookie Naomi and herself (The Bellas weren’t there this week). With the main event set it’s time for some Challenges.

Musical Chairs

According to CM Punk, this is a key training exercise in wrestling school but from the onset you could tell who was going to win as AJ was the only one not wearing heels. AJ took the victory after a controversal finish. Despite having a majority of the seat when the music stopped, Naomi lost having officially sat down second pushing AJ off the chair.

Talk The Talk

Now this is usually the one Challenge I’m perfectly fine with on NXT as it gives you a good sense of improvisational promo skills of the Rookies. Unfortunately, outside of AJ these women barely have 2 years of training between them so guess who wins. AJ picks up her 2nd Challenge victory talking about caffeine Jamie and Naomi were disqualified for going too off topic on the subjects of teeth and toupee respectively. Aksana technically stayed on topic in that she kept saying she didn’t know what a llama was. Maxine said she’d use her foot to squash AJ and Kaitlyn was too busy picturing everyone in their underwear to talk about ignition. After Kaitlyn’s topic Punk mentioned that not wearing pants is how he watches NXT.

As for the matches…

AJ def. Maxine

Good match with AJ flying around the ring controlling most of the match. Maxine had a few moments but couldn’t upset the roll AJ was having this week. My favorite part of the match was when Josh Matthews was trying to make a joke on Cole and CM Punk berated him for not doing his job saying “AJ’s a house of fire right now and you’re asking me what a hammer is.”  The finish was kind of odd as Maxine hits a Brainbuster but AJ floated over and picked up he pinfall.

Kelly Kelly, Naomi & Jamie def. Michelle McCool, Layla & Kaitlyn

Highlights of the match were Layla making fun of Jamie, Kaitlyn hitting Jamie with a nice spear but getting a little lost in the follow-up and Naomi holding her own against McCool. The finish occurred when LayCool distracted Naomi allowing McCool to hit a Belly to Belly Slam, Kaitlyn anxiously coming in early with McCool sending her back to make the tag giving Naomi enough time to recover rolling up Kaitlyn for the pinfall. Post match LayCool yelled at Kaitlyn who shoved McCool. LayCool then jumped Kaitlyn who took a nasty kick to the head from McCool like a champ.

Cole Returns

About 45 minutes in Michael Cole returned to NXT stating having had an epiphany that NXT without him is bad. He threw in some current event jokes and hugged Punk and Matthews joining them at commentary. But don’t worry, Punk stated at the end of the night that he plans to come back next week.


AJ – She had a “phenomenal” night Tuesday winning both Challenges and her match despite controversal finishes.

Maxine – Didn’t look bad in her match but her promo was weak and uninspired. She said the exact same thing she said during her intro 2 weeks ago. And she had an easy topic to work with too.

Jamie – Was kind of over shadowed tonight considering the match was set up because of her. Promo wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t about teeth.

Aksana – The Challenges weren’t working for her at all tonight but she did have a great backstage segment. After her video segment where we found out she’s a former Arnold Classic winner, Goldust met up with her to some shocking bad news. It seems Aksana’s work visa is expiring and she may be deported soon. Goldust consoled her, had her focus on his breathing exercise (you know the one) and told her they’d do what they had to do to solve this problem. I hoping for a wedding angle. Really hoping for a wedding angle.

Naomi – Had a good night this week. She won her match, was arguably cheated out of the Musical Chairs Challenge and got a good pop from her promo when she said she was there to wrestle and not talk about toupee’s.

Kaitlyn – Poor Kaitlyn. Just can’t catch a break. The Six Diva Tag Match I’m pretty sure went as planned but she totally didn’t know what to do after she hit that spear. Her promo didn’t make a bit of sense but probably got everyone thinking  of her in her underwear so that’s a plus I guess. Was eliminated first in Musical Chairs. Vickie was not amused. But as stated before, took that kick like a Pro.

The Punk/Cole Comparison

I know, there is none. CM Punk is awesome but I didn’t notice the differences that made Punk a successful heel color commentator and Cole just an annoying one.

  • Punk was snarky and sarcastic while Cole is typically just mean-spirited and rude
  • Punk shuts up occasionally to let his comments sink in while Cole fires off comments like he’s setting up for Kofi Kingston’s Boom Drop
  • Punk actually calls the action during a match and doesn’t bury the Rookies Divas until after they’ve already crashed and burned on their own
  • Punk’s just funnier

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