Quick Hits for the down day

History Abandoned?
A quick jaunt over to the official WWE website’s title histories page brings some unwelcome information to those who honor wrestling history.  The two recently unified titles – the WWE Tag Team and WWE (Unified) Diva’s Championships – are not using the title histories of the older set of belts within.  Both the World Tag Team titles (first won by Luke Graham and Tarzan Tyler in 1971) and the Womens title (first won by Fabulous Moolah in 1956) are now considered retired in favor of the WWE Tag Team titles (first won by Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit in 2002) and the Diva’s title (first won by Michelle McCool in 2008).  Actually, the latter is an assumption on my part, but as of Monday’s Raw “co-champions” McCool and Layla were both carrying the butterfly-style Diva’s title rather than the classic Womens design introduced in 1998.

Title Unification?
The rumors flying all over the Internet is that the 2011 edition of WrestleMania will feature a title unification match to bring together Raw’s WWE Championship and Smackdown’s World Heavyweight Championship.  Being that we are currently in September, I have my doubts as to whether this rumor, if true currently, will stick around through late March.  If it does, I think it’s an awful idea.  When the brands were first split back in 2002, there was a unified champion and it caused a bit of a problem as only one brand would get a world title challenger per PPV.  This caused a lack of importance for the show not focused upon.  Say Kane gets the title shot at the May PPV.  What, then, do the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Edge do for the entire month?  I only see two possible reasons for such a decision.  One, the move of Smackdown to SyFy next month means that it will become the definitive B-show, with most of the important goings-on happening on Raw.  Or, there’s that other rumor floating around…

Brand Unification?
Every so often someone brings up the possibility of the WWE removing the brand separation between Raw and Smackdown and pooling the WWE talent back into one big unit.  I’ll say the same thing I’ve said ever since the thing happened in 2002.  The WWE’s talent pool is simply too big to do this.  Such a move would greatly cost the mid-card as the main event players would need more time to focus since they would be on both shows.  Storylines would need to become twice as long, as the roster would focus on two weekly shows rather than one per brand.  I just think it’s a bad idea period.  Both shows have their audience and I doubt a bunch of them would be willing to watch both Raw and Smackdown each week to get the entire picture.


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