Racing to Hell (in a Cell): Raw 9/27/10

This is the problem you get when you try to do a pay-per-view after only 2 weeks of shows.  Either everything seems pretty random, or just continue the storylines that have been going on for some time.  Here, we get mostly old stuff, with one random thing thrown in.  So, here’s a recap of the nights events separated out by storyline.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz
The Miz said that the GM put him and Alex Riley in a tag match against Daniel Bryan and a partner, but Miz doubted he could find a partner, since he has no friends.  To the surprise of The Miz, out walks John Morrison.  After a decent match, Miz and Riley get the win.  Of course, Miz attacks Bryan, but Morrison pulls Miz off, and they battle on the outside.  Bryan gets up, is pissed off, and does a suicide dive to the outside, hitting both of them.  Bryan is attacking Miz when Morrison pulls him off, wondering why he hit him.  Bryan then attacks Morrison.  The four of them, also Riley, brawl until the GM comes on and says that there will be a Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere Submission match between Morrison, Bryan, and Miz.

Edge vs. The GM
Using a comically high-pitched computer voice, Edge “interviewed” the GM.  By interview, I mean he talked with the computer.  I thought it was funny, but I can see how others would find it stupid.  Long story short, Edge wonders how far Raw has fallen to go from Austin stunning McMahon to now him interviewing a computer.  Edge tries to just leave, but the GM puts him in a match with Cena.  Edge initially thought he had beaten Cena, but the GM had the match restarted because Cena’s foot was under bottom rope.  So, Cena comes back and beats Edge.  Edge looses it and destroys the computer.

Nexus vs. John Cena
Nothing really happened in this feud.  I’ve already told what Cena did on Raw.  For Nexus, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater beat Evan Borne and Mark Henry in a tag match.  After the match, Nexus said they’d be invading Smackdown on Friday.  Later in the show, Cena said that he might as well visit Smackdown as well.  An awfully convenient time to visit Smackdown, it being the first episode, and a live episode on SyFy.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus; Chris Jericho vs. life
These are getting combined because Jericho faced Orton last night.  But first, Sheamus challenged any superstar backstage.  The Great Khali came out.  Khali won by DQ after Sheamus attacked Khali with everything he could grab around the announcers’ table.  In the main event, Jericho fought Orton with the stipulation that if Jericho won, he’d get a title match.  The match ended in no contest after Sheamus came out and attacked Orton.  As Orton is about to punt Sheamus, Jericho is able to hit him with the Codebreaker.  Jericho then went to get a chair, but missed hitting Orton and got an RKO.  Orton then punted Jericho in the head.  Jericho had to be taken away by stretcher.

Other Tidbits

  • Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre def. The Hart Dynasty in a title match.
  • Natalya won a Divas battle royal to become the #1 contender.  Team Lay-Cool were frightened by her.
  • Maryse’s stalker gave her a note that said he would have her next week.

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