More Fun Than A Wheelbarrow Full Of Dissin’ Divas – NXT 9/28/10

This week on the greatest train wreck in sports entertainment….

Wheelbarrow Challenge

Each Rookie competed in a wheelbarrow race where they took turns pushing a wheelbarrow around the ring. In said wheelbarrow was Hornswoggle. Key moments: Maxine set the bar early and played the heel role very well especially after Hornswoggle bit her butt, Kaitlyn tried to get in the wheelbarrow with Hornswoggle then won with a time of 12 seconds and AJ looked adorable pushing a wheelbarrow that weighed more than she did knowing she had no chance to win this. Most impressive moment was post-challenge when Hornswoggle lifted Kaitlyn on his shoulder in celebration.

Diss The Diva Challenge

Each Diva was given the mic (and apparently as much time as they wanted which none utilized) to diss their fellow Rookies. I found it slightly ironic that during the Talk The Talk Challenge they regularly went off topic to trash their competition and this week they didn’t want to. AJ ultimately won as she was the best on the mic despite not really dissing anyone.

And that’s it. No matches this week. AJ and Kaitlyn got video interviews this week and Kaitlyn ended the night challenging her Pro Vickie Guerrero to a match next week. Matt Striker was breaking up the cat fight as the show closed. Next week is the first elimination and it seems to be airing before Smackdown on Friday but you can watch it at (its new permanant home) live on Tuesday (day the votes are tallied).

Afterthoughts after the jump…

AJ – The clear front-runner in fan support (i.e. the  one Michael Cole bad mouths all night) so she should be safe. She also might have won immunity with 3 Challenge victories but they didn’t say she had it so the elimination will probably be at the end of the night. Video package was a nice story. She giggled a lot through it though.

Maxine – Great performance in the Wheelbarrow Challenge despite losing. She’s the only heel Rookie so she might skirt through the elimination. Gave the longest Diss but I stopped paying attention when AJ & Kaitlyn started playing patty cake. They should have done a double clothesline on her or tossed her over the ropes. That’d be good for all three of them.

Aksana – Probably going to get the boot next week but she did have a good line in her promo this week saying all the rookies wanna…be just like Aksana. Hopefully they go through with the deportation angle and Goldust proposes, they get married and she becomes his valet. That would be great.

Naomi – Her great start has tapered off lately. And I’ll assume it’s because she’s not getting to wrestle like she keeps talking about every time they give her a mic. Maybe it was my occasional southern racial stereotyping but I felt she should have dominated the Diss A Diva Challenge but instead she was very lack-luster.

Jamie – She actually beat Maxine’s time but it wouldn’t hold. As for her dissing skills; she did actually trash Maxine and AJ but it seemed really forced. She needs to relax and be more natural. And why no one went after her and her overly muscular figure is beyond me. I guess talking about women’s body’s negatively isn’t PG.

Kaitlyn – Video package was good (you could tell it was taped at a different time than the others) and her match with Vickie will probably save her this round with votes from those who want to see Vickie and her fight. She did an imitation of Naomi who knocked her down. Might have been more interesting had she made a bit more sense in her comeback.

Michael Cole – It seems CM Punk was his Pro last week as he was much easier on the ears this week. He was a more successful heel commentator instead of an annoying self-promotion jerk. Good job Cole.


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