Nexus Triumphant: Raw 10/4/10

After Hell in a Cell, how would Cena take being a part of The Nexus?  With Sheamus losing his rematch, who would get the shot at Bragging Rights?  How would the GM respond to the brutal attack from Edge last week?  Just who is stalking Maryse?  These questions and more were answered on this week’s show.  Quick results are below, detailed results after the break.

Quick Match Results
Mark Henry & Evan Bourne def. John Cena & Michael Tarver
Natalya def. Alicia Fox
Daniel Bryan def. Sheamus by DQ
The Bella Twins def. Team Laycool
Wade Barrett wins 20-man battle royal

The Nexus introduces Cena.
Wade Barrett first identifies the two fans from Hell in a Cell as Husky Harris and Michael McGuilicutty, and clarifies that he doesn’t know either of them and didn’t ask them to interfere.  Barrett also gets on David Otunga for leading the rest of them out, and risk getting himself disqualified.  Barrett then introduces John Cena.  Michael Tarver yells at Cena, and asks him who’s laughing now.  With great reluctance, great and lengthy reluctance, Cena finally puts on the Nexus armband.  Heath Slater then hands Cena an official statement to read.  With great, and lengthy reluctance again, Cena pledges his allegiance to The Nexus.

Mark Henry & Evan Bourne def. John Cena & Michael Tarver; Cena attacks Tarver; GM reinforces the stipulation of Cena joining Nexus.
Barrett said that as Cena’s first match for The Nexus, he would be in a tag match against Henry and Bourne.  Cena choose Tarver to be his partner.  First off, Tarver got mad at Cena for shaking Bourne’s hand, and told him he would show him how it’s done.  Henry and Bourne control the entire match.  A few times when Tarver was trying to tag Cena in, Cena would back away.  The last time, Cena pulled a sharpie out of his pocket, and started autographing signs.  This allowed Henry to hit Tarver with the World’s Strongest Slam, and get the pinfall.  After the match, Cena said he was going to destroy Nexus from the inside.  Cena slammed Tarver on the steel steps, and then putting him into the STF.  The GM says that Cena, as a member of Nexus must take direction from Barrett.  The GM goes on to say that if he doesn’t, then he will have to terminate his contract.  As Cena, with great reluctance and time, slowly makes his way to the back, some in the crowd started chanting “Never give up.”

Natalya def. Alicia Fox by submission.
This was a ridiculously short match.  Really ridiculously short.  Short story even shorter, Natalya got Alicia Fox to tap out to the Sharpshooter.  It’s as if the Cena thing took too long and they needed to get back on schedule.  Sure, Natalya caught Alicia coming off the top rope, but it’s not that impressive.  And it’s taking me longer to type this out than it took for the actual match to happen.  Short matches like that don’t really help anyone, because it’s not like Natalya crushed Alicia.

Johnny Knoxville appearance; John Cena and Nexus.
Knoxville was promoting Jackass 3-D to Gail Kim and Melina when Zack Ryder comes out.  As he’s walking across the backstage area, Knoxville asks him for a high-five.  As Ryder raises his hand for the high-five, a giant hand comes out and knocks him down, just like in the preview.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch the preview.  Ryder getting hit is always a good segment.  John Cena is talking with Josh Matthews about how the WWE is all he knows, so he doesn’t want to quit, but…and then he see Harris and McGuilicutty and chases after them.  They lead him to Nexus, where Barrett says he has some big things planned for him.

Daniel Bryan def. Sheamus by DQ.
Another ridiculously short match.  Sheamus was using the ropes to ram his knee into Bryan’s head, so after a 5 count, the ref called for the bell.  Sheamus then hit him with the Celtic Cross.  All-in-all, a pretty pointless segment.  You shouldn’t be using a champion as someone to get brutalized by anyone else.  It makes the champion look very week.  And it’s not like Sheamus really gains anything by pummeling Bryan.  Bryan doesn’t have a very intimidating physical stature.

Raw GM demands an apology from Edge.
Cole reads words from the GM, saying that he will never again using a voice alternator, but will stick with e-mails read by the voice of the WWE, Michael Cole.  Edge restated his mission against all things stupid.  He also laughed at Cole calling himself the voice of the WWE, saying he’d rather listen to a recording of J. R. than listen to Michael Cole live.  The GM announced a 20 man battle royal for the title.  The GM says that Edge won’t be in the battle royal because he’s been traded to Smackdown.  Cole demanded that Edge show him some respect.  As Edge is threatening Michael Cole, The Miz came out to defend Cole.  Edge called The Miz an Edge-wannabe.  After some zingers, Edge speared Alex Riley, but Miz hit Edge with a Skull Crushing Finale.

John Cena backstage with Nexus.
Barrett tells Cena that he will help him win the battle royal.  Cena asks what if he wins, and Barrett reinforces that he is to help Barrett win.  Otunga made the comment that if Barrett is eliminated, then Cena has to help one of them.  However, Barrett gets on Otunga for making that comment.

The Bella Twins def. Team Laycool by pinfall.
So, someone thought it’d be a good idea mic Laycool during the match.  I’m not certain whether to congratulate them or punch them.  Long story short, the Bellas got the upset by rolling up McCool when Layla wasn’t paying attention.

More Knoxville backstage and in-ring; Maryse’s stalker revealed.
Maryse is talking to Knoxville backstage, and she thinks that he was the one sending her notes.  Knoxville denies this, but Ted DiBiase comes after him.  Knoxville warns him to not come any farther, but he doesn’t listen and gets hit by the same hand as before.  Maryse also ends up getting hit by the hand after throwing her shoes at Knoxville, and falls on top of DiBiase.  After the commercial break, Knoxville comes to the ring and plugs his movie.  He tries to quickly get out, but DiBiase and Maryse come out.  DiBiase puts Knoxville to sleep.  Another message comes across the screen.  Goldust appears behind DiBiase.  He takes DiBiase out, but tells him he doesn’t want him.  Goldust walks over to Maryse and says he doesn’t want her either.  Goldust then says that he wants the Million Dollar Belt, and takes it.  This was some weird, classic Goldust stuff.  It was nice to see it again.

Otunga and Cena backstage.
Cena does more sorrowful thinking about being in Nexus, when David Otunga sat down next to him.  He told Cena that yes, Barrett can be demanding sometimes, but they could make it work.  Otunga goes on to tell him that if he ever needs to talk, he’s there for him.  He then put his hand on Cena’s shoulder.  The hand on shoulder bit added a bit of humor to the segment.

Wade Barrett wins the 20 man Battle Royal.
The main theme going on in this battle royal was that Cena had to protect Barret from being eliminated, and he did many times.  Most often though, he would attack Barrett’s attacker, and toss them aside.  The final four were Barrett, Cena, Sheamus, and John Morrison.  Morrison eliminated himself after kicking Barrett and losing his balance.  Cena eliminated Sheamus.  Barrett told Cena to exit the ring.  With great reluctance and time, Cena eventually climbed over the top rope, and eliminated himself, making Barrett the number #1 contender.  Randy Orton immediately came out.  They stare each other down, and the show ends.

Last Word
There are a few things that got me thinking from this Raw:  the incredibly short matches, or how would I take the Cena/Nexus storyline if I was much younger.  But, I’ve ranted on the former before, and the latter is a longer entry.  So, my last word is going to elaborate on the Bryan/Sheamus thing.  It really is an awful thing to bury a champion for no real reason.  You just went through a lengthy storyline establishing Bryan as a legitimate contender, having him cleanly be The Miz on multiple occasions.  But now, you’ve deflated some of the push he got from beating The Miz.  It weakens him and the prestige of the title.  The battle royal at the end of the match also makes the Bryan/Sheamus segment pointless.  You could have easily just had Sheamus have a dominating run in the battle royal, which he did.  So, in closing, it’s a bad idea to squash a champion right after spending time building him up.


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