Lacking The Keyes To Success – NXT 10/5/10

This week we get the first  elimination of NXT season 3 on the first online only episode of NXT. I’ll cut to the chase, Jamie Keyes was eliminated and it was kinda sad because where as the men cut a promo as the exit she just said he goodbye and tried not to cry. Which means there will be at least 3 more possibly depressing episodes.

This weeks challenges were:

Bull Riding Challenge

After a tandem Bella Twin demo each rookie held on to try and win a chance at immunity. Well Kaitlyn, Naomi, AJ and Jamie did as they were the only ones with points so far. Aksana made the surprise win with 17 seconds blowing the rest out of the water but everyone showed a little personality as they prepared.

The Talent Show Challenge

  • Aksana did push-ups with her legs over her shoulders which was really impressive.
  • Naomi performed a rap which was pretty good. Look out R-Truth.
  • AJ performed some gymnastics to show off how flexible she was. She is very flexible.
  • Jamie showed off her talent of seduction; demonstrating on Matt Striker. Striker likes.
  • Kaitlyn showed her artistic side with a portrait of her Pro Vickie Guerrero saying “Excuse me!” with stink lines and all.
  • Maxine took her time to apologize to Hornswoggle and offer him her pie. She’s the one who wound up eating it though.

The winner was Kaitlyn which meant there was a tie between her and AJ for immunity. Striker left it up to the audience to decide and Kaitlyn won. This was good as AJ was probably safe anyway and it let Kaitlyn focus on her match with Vickie later.

Speaking of the matches…

Aksana def. Maxine

In a fast paced, somewhat technical match that lasted more than 3 minutes Aksana won after countering Maxine’s pin for one of her own. Aksana looked a lot less stiff in the ring this time and Maxine even broke out an Octopus Stretch.

Later on Aksana and Goldust were met backstage by an immigration employee stating that Aksana had 4 weeks to straighten out her immigrant status. Convenient that 4 weeks is when the next elimination should be taking place. But Goldust has the Million Dollar Belt so the next 4 weeks could get interesting for this pairing.

Kaitlyn def. Vickie Guerrero

This was an epic match of high-flying spots and dramatic ring psychology we haven’t seen since Michaels/Taker II! I’m kidding, it was a brawl. It wasn’t a bad brawl but the only technical move I can remember was Kaitlyn bodyslamming Vickie…and Vickie kicked out of it!!! The match ended when Kaitlyn rolled up Vickie with a Schoolgirl for the pinfall.

Post match Kaitlyn got all excited at being the first Rookie to defeat a Pro (it’s technically true) and hugged a ringside Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler didn’t seem too interested but Vickie was furious nonetheless.


AJ – No match but she didn’t really need one. She wore a tiny child’s hat during her bull ride which only reinforced the 10-year-old Girl Scout comments from the other Rookies. Her gymnastics routine got some applause but she was placed in the middle so it was easily forgotten. Also, Hornswoggle slightly molestered her again as he passed by.

Maxine – No wins in the ring or in a challenge but she’s got a Hornswoggle story going on so she should be entertaining. She wore her pie well and the slow motion replay showed Matt Striker with some nice evasion moves.

Naomi – Solid rap. Clever, personal, funny and had good flow. I’m just glad to see her trying instead of complaining about not getting to wrestle.

Aksana – Big night for the Lithuania beauty. Won a challenge, had a strong showing in her match victory, impressive talent display and fantastic story building up. There was even a funny moment where the Immigration agent called her the Russian Trish Stratus to which she replied, “I’m not Russian but I like Trish Stratus.” And seriously, who doesn’t like Trish Stratus?

Kaitlyn – Good night for the NXT Class Clown. She may get to the finals off personality alone. It also seems her and AJ have become friends as they regularly are goofing off with one another throughout the show. That’s that laid back NXT Season 3 attitude for you.

Jamie – Am I surprised she was eliminated? No, she was in the bottom 3 definitely and this is the first time in 3 weeks we’ve seen her Pros there to support her and it was just so they could mount a bull together. Am I sad? Only because she’s my “Based Off Looks Only Pick”. She’s got a good look to her and with a little more work she’ll probably be back. If not she can always go back to announcing.


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