Hawkins/Archer Update

It seems that the team who fought so hard to make an impact on Smackdown months ago are no longer on the same page. During Superstars Archer inadvertantly hit Curt Hawkins when Chris Masters dodged the attack. After some bickering the Masterlock was locked in and Archer passed out losing the match. Hawkins went in to seemingly console his tag team partner but instead assaulted him and finished him off with the Heat Seeking Elbow Drop.

The interesting part was that he crowd was behind Hawkins chanting for him to hit the elbow drop again. Why? Because no one likes a man who has a tramp stamp. Yet another tag team the WWE has broken up this year.


One Response to Hawkins/Archer Update

  1. Masked Marvel says:

    It’s a shame that they’re wasting their tag division like this.

    Wait…did Hawkins and Archer ever have a tag match? I don’t watch Superstars.

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