How THEY did it

Let’s pretend for a moment like TNA had the whole THEY storyline plotted out in its entirety from day one.  Let’s say that instead of coming up with one catchphrase and deciding to let the story take its own direction, which is almost certainly what they did, the whole deal with Hogan and Bischoff being the evil masterminds was the plan.  Now with that in mind, let’s try to put together a time line of just how THEY pulled it off.  The who’s, the why’s, and the whatnots.


  • Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff arrive in TNA.  While initially not amused at having to share power with Dixie Carter (who actually owns the company), the two play along seemingly satisfied with their level of control.
  • Sting, still untrusting of the two, returns to the rafters to watch them.
  • Kevin Nash, deciding that its back to business as usual, brings in Scott Hall and Syxx behind Hogan’s back and begins trying to do whatever he wants.  This time around, Hogan is not amused.


  • Sting sees enough and decides to remove Hogan and Bischoff by whatever means necessary.  This initially involves teaming with Ric Flair, but he quickly realizes that Flair’s team will not be able to beat Hogan’s and he abandons them.
  • Jeff Jarrett, while initially resisting Hogan’s move, finally joins up realizing that the control of the company he lost is now in their hands.


  • Dixie Carter begins using more and more authority on the show, with or without the consent of Hogan or Bischoff.  Her latest move is involving Tommy Dreamer to TNA.
  • Scott Hall and Syxx vanish from the company, embarrassing Hogan and Bischoff, who are most closely tied to them.  They hold Nash accountable for them, which turns him against them.


  • Hogan, Bischoff, and Dixie are unable to come to a consensus at who is to be ranked as the #1 contender for the TNA title.  Hogan and Bischoff want their close ally Abyss or allied Jeff Hardy to take the spot while Dixie prefers the rebel Mr. Anderson to go in.  It is at this point that Hogan and Bischoff decide to get Dixie out of the picture.
  • Hogan and Bischoff get Abyss to “turn” on them and promise to remove Dixie from TNA in favor of an ambiguous “THEY”.
  • Dixie Carter reveals that she was the one who invited Tommy Dreamer to TNA without telling anyone and gives an entire PPV to the ECW alumni.  It is this move that convinces Jeff Jarrett that Dixie is wrong for the company and puts him on board with Hogan and Bischoff.


  • The Hardcore Justice PPV puts Rob Van Dam into the EV2.0 ally column which doesn’t sit well with Jeff Hardy who is hungry for his friend’s belt.  It is at this point that Hogan and Bischoff come to him and tell him that if he follows their plan, he’ll have an easy path to the title.
  • Now wanting Hardy as their champion rather than Abyss, Abyss moves to take RVD out rather than defeating him for the title.  He uses an opening to heavily injure RVD.
  • Eric Bischoff moves quickly and strips RVD of the championship, setting up a tournament that Jeff Hardy is designed to win.


  • Jeff Hardy wrestles Kurt Angle to a time limit draw in the title tournament.  Fearing that both men will be eliminated from contention, Eric Bischoff restarts the match twice, then calls it a draw due to a Kurt Angle cut, fearing that continuing the match might lead to Angle defeating Hardy.
  • The next night, Bischoff tries to put both men into the title match, but Dixie overrules him and makes a rematch.  When that match too ends in a wanky finish, Bischoff – again fearing a Hardy loss – goes with his original plan and puts both men into the title match.
  • Jeff Hardy is given an easy path to the PPV, faking an attack from Abyss, while Kurt Angle and Mr. Kennedy are both put through the ringer, including Angle going into a cage match against Abyss.
  • Jeff Jarrett is given the task of keeping Sting and Kevin Nash at bay by playing the company boy role and disputing all of their claims.  He even recruits Samoa Joe in an effort to keep him from joining their cause.


  • Eric Bischoff makes his move by having Abyss attack Dixie Carter to get her distressed enough to where she would sign papers – seemingly a termination notice for Abyss – without reading them.
  • The plan comes together at 10/10/10.

So, does this make complete sense?  Not really.  And I’m also leaving some details out.  I suppose I can wrap things up by giving some details about why certain parties ended up for or against Hogan/Bischoff.

  • Sting never trusted Hogan or Bischoff and wants what’s best for TNA.
  • D’Angelo Dinero got pushed, but when he failed to take the title from Ric Flair’s protege A.J. Styles, he fell out of Hogan and Bischoff’s favor.  This downgrade put him against the two of them.
  • Kevin Nash felt disrespected for Hogan and Bischoff removing Scott Hall and Syxx from his group.
  • Rob Van Dam was initially in favor of Hogan and Bischoff after he defeated A.J. Styles, but he fell out of their graces when he openly welcomed the ECW alumni.
  • Jeff Jarrett was initially anti-Hogan and Bischoff, but switched to their side when Dixie Carter did nothing to help him in his fight.
  • Jeff Hardy just wanted the TNA title and decided that Hogan and Bischoff’s plan was the easiest way to do that.
  • Abyss is still obsessed with Hogan and does his every command.
  • Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson were completely duped by this ruse.  They were on neither side.
  • Dixie Carter is an idiot.

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