THEY will be Running Wild!: TNA Bound for Glory 2010

We’ve been told for months now that THEY were coming.  THEY had a plan.  THEY would be taking over TNA.  And as of 10/10/10, THEY took care of business.  In the main event between Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle, a referee bump brought a chair-wielding Eric Bischoff to the ring.  Bischoff had been acting shady for months now, and it looked like he was going to make his move.  But Hulk Hogan wouldn’t have that, despite his numerous back surgeries.  Aided by crutches, Hogan slowly made his way to the ring, apparently moving to stop Bischoff.

But then something strange happened.  Hogan handed his crutch to Jeff Hardy, who then blasted both Angle and Anderson, then pinned Anderson.  Bischoff pulled referee Brian Hebner back into the ring to count the fall, and the match was over.  Hardy had used shady dealings to secure the TNA Championship, much to Dixie Carter’s chagrin.  Jeff Jarrett and Abyss both entered the ring to celebrate the win, apparently in on the dealing.  Rob Van Dam entered to confront Hardy, but Jeff decked his former friend to close out the show.

So what does this mean?  Let’s ignore all the crap that led to this point and try to make some sense of it.  Basically, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan wanted to take the ownership of TNA away from Dixie Carter, so they faked Abyss’s turn and set the whole “THEY” thing into motion.  I’m betting the kicker was the introduction of E.V.2.0, a Dixie Carter move, which led Bischoff and Hogan to decide that Carter needed to be removed.  Jeff Hardy went on board with the plan and decided that the EV2-allied RVD should be removed as champion.  And here we are.

Does the whole thing make sense?  Not at all.  But at least we’re here and it’s done.  We can move on with the story.  Thank god.

Rest of the show after the jump.

  • Generation Me could not defeat the Motor City Machine Guns despite hitting them with about 17 thousand moves that could be considered finishers.  Alex Shelley picked up the pin to retain the tag titles.
  • Shockingly, Tara rolled up Velvet Skye to win the Knockouts championship.  Mickie James did absolutely nothing to maintain order in the match.  After the match, Madison yelled at Tara, only to get blasted by Mickie.
  • Eric Young drew tattoos all over himself in markers, wanting to be in Ink, Inc.
  • Ink, Inc. defeated Orlando Jordan and Eric Young after Young began fighting Jordan for a while.  After the match, Jordan and Young were cool.  Whatever, I suppose.  This made absolutely no sense.
  • Jay Lethal defeated Douglas Williams to retain the X-Division title, but while celebrating through the crowd, he was attacked by Robbie G of Shore, who promised to take the X-Division title from him.
  • Rob Van Dam defeated Abyss in the Monster’s Ball match after hitting him in the stomach with Janice.  That’s right – they actually used the nail bat.  A Five Star Frog Splash later, and RVD was victorious.
  • During the handicap  match, Jeff Jarrett walked out on Samoa Joe.  Kevin Nash, Sting and the Pope tried to say I told you so, but Joe attacked anyway so they beat him down.
  • Team 3D announced that they would be retiring after a match with the Motor City Machine Guns for the TNA Tag Team Championship.
  • During the Lethal Lockdown match, Brian Kendrick came down onto the top of the cage to save Stevie Richards from an attack from Kazarian.  Tommy Dreamer hit the Dreamer Driver on AJ Styles inside the cage (they were the only people inside the cage at the time) for the win.

Looking Back
I hate to admit it, but in its own convoluted, TNA way, this whole THEY turn for Hogan and Bischoff – while painfully obvious – kind of works.  I’m actually interested to see what they do from this point on, since they’ve finally pulled the trigger on the damn storyline and are no longer holding it out for another four months.  Samoa Joe will apparently be taking Kevin Nash’s spot on the resistance team, since Nash is reportedly retiring when his TNA contract is up this week.  It’s obvious that the contract Eric Bischoff had Dixie Carter sign last week will give control of TNA to Hogan and Bischoff and we’ll be on a Team Hogan vs. Team Dixie feud.

TNA has done the brand warfare bit to death, but this could be interesting if done right.  Of course, this will not be done right and it will be more mindless drivel.  It is TNA after all.  I question where Fourtune and EV2.0 will fall into all of this.  Or I would, if I actually cared, but I really don’t.

  • I’m all about high-flying matches, but the Machine Guns kicked out of so many crazy moves it was ridiculous.  Why would something like the Angle Slam keep Alex Shelley down if he can kick out of some of this crap?
  • I really like the potential story with Tara and Madison Rayne, but where do the Beautiful People go from here?
  • Does it seem to anyone else like Tara is filling in for Lacey Von Erich here?
  • Mickie James contributed absolutely nothing to the match whatsoever.
  • Eric Young’s “crazy” gimmick is more annoying than anything.  It’s better just to ignore him and hope he goes away.
  • Ah, I see why Shore debuted last week – to set up this.  I still hate Shore, but at least they’re doing something.
  • RVD got his comeuppance, but it sucked to be him overall.
  • I suppose the Samoa Joe beatdown was necessary so the match didn’t simply end with shrugging shoulders and walking away.
  • Does anyone care whether Team 3D retires?  Me neither.
  • I thought waiting for everyone to get into the Lethal Lockdown match was boring as hell.
  • What does Fourtune do now?  There’s a much bigger, badder group about and even EV2.0 can beat them.  Time to drown their sorrows in Smirnoff Ice, I suppose.

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