Bragging Rights team set: WWE Smackdown 10/15/10

While the Undertaker was perched atop the arena awaiting his brother for yet another mystical showdown, Team Smackdown captain Big Show got to work building his team for Bragging Rights.  With Show sitting in on commentary for most of the matches, we saw each member earn their spot one-by-one.

  • Rey Mysterio qualified by defeating Cody Rhodes.
  • Jack Swagger qualified by defeating MVP.
  • Alberto del Rio qualified by defeating Chris Masters.
  • Edge qualified by defeating Dolph Ziggler.
  • Kofi Kingston qualified by defeating Drew McIntyre.

Kaval volunteered to join the team, but Big Show was skeptical due to the NXT winner’s size.  He offered Kaval a spot only if he could last five minutes in the ring with him.  By “last”, Show apparently meant “get beat on”, but Kaval managed to stay in with the show and won a spot.  Until, that is, Tyler Reks managed to pull himself back from horrid obscurity and challenged Kaval to put his spot on the line.  Kaval agreed but was too weakened by his five minutes with Big Show to put up much of a fight, so Reks beat him and took his spot on Team Smackdown.

That’s right: Tyler Reks.

Rest of the show after the jump.

  • A confrontation between Kane and Undertaker ended with Undertaker setting the turnbuckles ablaze.
  • No word yet on whether Kane will seek damages for gimmick infringement.

Looking Back
Smackdown certainly does seem to have the advantage going into Bragging Rights.  Four of its seven members are former world champions, one is a former Intercontinental and United States champion, one is a red-hot rookie, and the other is Tyler Reks.  I was quite shocked to see Reks back on Smackdown…or debuting on Smackdown, rather.  He hasn’t been seen since well before the ECW brand folded, and despite being moved to Smackdown, he had not debuted.  Rather than his surfer gimmick of yesteryear, Reks seems to have taken the CM Punk route of growing a beard to show anger.  It really works for him.  His mic skills could use a bit of work, though.

And personally, I’m kind of getting sick of the hocus pocus mess between the Undertaker and Kane.  The music-laden Kane promos are overly hokey, especially being that Kane happens to be the champion of the brand.  With any hope, Undertaker will once again lose to his brother, since being buried alive always signals a gimmick change for the Dead Man.  It was what started his Ministry of Darkness cult-leader phase back in 1999, and it was what switched him from the “American Badass” back into his “Deadman” gimmick.  I would love to see a return of the grizzled veteran Undertaker rather than the teleporting in the dark Undertaker.


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