Raw 10/25/10

Quick Match Results
Tag Team Championship match:  Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater def. David Otunga & John Cena by pinfall.
Daniel Bryan def. Dolph Ziggler by submission.
Team Laycool def. Melina & Gail Kim by pinfall.
The Miz def. R-Truth by pinfall.
Santino Marella def. Sheamus by pinfall.
John Cena def. Randy Orton by DQ.

Nexus in-ring; Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater def. John Cena & David Otunga by pinfall.
Nexus enters the ring, and Barrett reintroduces all of them.  He then asks Cena to explain what happened at Bragging Rights.  Cena says that all he said was that he had to ensure that Barrett won, and he did.  Cena said that he saw that Barrett was about to lose, so he got Orton disqualified.  Barrett disagrees, but admits that there was a loophole, and Cena got exactly what he wanted.  Otunga then complained about what Cena did during and after their tag match.  Barrett agreed that Cena and Otunga could not co-exist as champs, so he put them in a match against Gabriel and Slater.  Barrett then said that Nexus doesn’t fight each other, so someone would have to lie down.  He then told Otunga to take a dive.  Otunga argued, but ultimately let Heath Slater pin him.  –I’d be upset about the quick change, but I like where we ended up.  The tension is growing between Otunga and Barrett, and I think Slater and Gabriel will make a good tag team.

Daniel Bryan def. Dolph Ziggler by submission.
CM Punk came down to ringside to provide guest commentary.  This was another amazing match between the two.  It was full of amazing move, reversals, and near falls.  Sure it was as good as last night’s match, but that was a pay-per-view match after all.  Again, Ziggler tapped out to the Lebell Lock.  Vicki Guerrero had pulled Ziggler’s foot under the bottom rope, but the ref didn’t notice it.  –Not sure why exactly Punk was on commentary as he was playing more of a tweener character.  He said he was scouting talent, but didn’t elaborate on that.  Personally, I’d like to see a feud between Punk and Bryan.

Guest star Toby Kieth backstage with Bella Twins and Santino.
Toby Kieth gave the twins his new CD, and they gave him some electronic championship belt thing.  Santino comes in dressed in a cowboy outfit.  He then sings a song for Toby Kieth.  Sheamus then comes out and calls Santino a disgrace.  He then challenges Santino to a match.

Barrett and Cena backstage.
Cena yells at Barrett, saying that giving away a championship goes against everything he is.  Cena tells him it isn’t worth and, and tears off his Nexus armband.  Before Cena can quit, Barrett tells him that he’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse if he just beats Orton tonight.  –Now, the smart person would ask what the offer is.  But Cena doesn’t exactly care what the offer is.  The hope that it’s something that could benefit him is enough to keep him going.

Team Laycool def. Gail Kim & Melina by pinfall.
Melina didn’t realize that Michelle McCool had gotten tagged in, so Melina didn’t see the big boot coming from McCool, leading to the pinfall.  I looked down for a moment, so I didn’t see what had happened to Gail Kim to keep her from breaking up the pin.

The Miz in-ring.
The Miz reminds everyone that he is the greatest person alive, but is not a miracle worker.  So, despite his best efforts, he was not able to carry the team all by himself.  The Miz also points out that he’s the “cover person” for Smackdown vs. Raw 2011.  Eventually, Eve walks out.  Miz insults her, but she ignores him.  Eve goes on her own string of insults, ending with frog-faced loser.  Alex Riley added his two cents, defending the Miz.  R-Truth came out and challenged Miz to a match.  The Raw GM sent an e-mail saying “ding, ding, ding.”

The Miz def. R-Truth by pinfall.
R-Truth rolled Miz back into the ring, only to be attacked from behind by Alex Riley.  Eve then came over and slapped Riley.  In the ring, R-Truth ducked under a clothesline attempt by Miz, only to keep running and dropkick to Alex Riley on the outside.  R-Truth then missed a scissors kick attempt, and got hit by the Skull-crushing Finale.  –It was a good and enjoyable match.  Nothing else to really say about it.

Toby Kieth in-ring.
Toby Kieth rambled on about a football game or something.  Then finally introduced the match between Sheamus and Santino.  –I don’t really like Toby Kieth.

Santino Marella def. Sheamus.
Reluctantly, Santino came to the ring.  Toby gave him some encouragement.  During the match, John Morrison came out to try to encourage Santino.  During several Brogue kick attempts, Santino collapsed before he could be kicked.  However, he kept getting back up, saying he could continue.  Tired of this, Sheamus propped him up in the corner, but missed the kick when Santino fell down again.  Santino then rolled up Sheamus and got the pinfall.  Morrison pulled him out to the ring, and helped him back to the stage to celebrate.  –I love this result.  Santino gets a glorious moment, and Sheamus doesn’t look bad after having a fluke roll-up loss.

There was another “Stand Up for WWE” segment.  Personally, I have no problem standing up for WWE, but I question why now, a couple weeks before the election instead of when the attacks initially just started.

Wade Barrett and David Otunga backstage.
Otunga wants to know why Barrett made him lie down in front of everyone.  He then threatens to reveal why they really attacked the Undertaker if he becomes too disgruntled.  Here, Barrett introduces Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris as the two new members of Nexus, and declares that they are again strong enough to end anyone’s career.  Otunga then reaffirms his loyalty to Nexus.

John Cena def. Randy Orton by DQ.
The winner of this match would be able to pick the special referee for the title match at Survivor Series.  Well, if Cena won, then Barrett would get to pick.  After Cena had already stopped Barrett from attacking Orton a couple time because he wanted to beat Orton his way, Barrett decided to take a page out of Cena’s book.  While Cena was on the outside, Barrett clotheslined Cena.  This disqualified Orton, and gave Cena the win.  Barrett immediately named Cena as the special referee for the title match.  Barrett then told Cena that if he lost, he would fire Cena.  But if he won, then Cena would be free from his obligation to the Nexus.  –I like this.  It puts Cena in a no-win situation.  It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.  Although, not sure if they can keep it interesting between now and then.  Probably have many people telling Cena to do what is right.


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