Anderson injured, looks to miss PPV title shot

TNA’s (arguable) top babyface looks to be forced to miss his title shot coming up at November’s Turning Point.  On last week’s Impact (taped the week before), Mr. Anderson lost an Ultimate-X match to Kazarian, yet somehow still was granted the title shot against his former BFF Jeff Hardy.  Hardy ended the segment with a hard chair shot that connected with the back of Anderson’s head, busting him open with a pretty nasty cut.

The shot left Anderson with a concussion which has kept him from wrestling in house shows since the taping took place.  I won’t be giving away any spoilers from this week’s TV tapings, but look for Anderson to be pulled from the title match at Turning Point.  It’s really a shame for the guy who really has been working his ass off since his arrival at TNA back in January.

Hopefully, Anderson will be able to come back from this injury.  Sure, you might think “it’s just one concussion”, but keep in mind the fate of a guy like Christopher Nowinski who never bounced back from it, or Bret Hart who kept going despite it, which ultimately forced him from the ring.


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