Trick Or Treat & Golden Matrimony – NXT 10/26/10 & 11/2/10

Due to the aforementioned computer problems Masked Marvel spoke of two weeks ago (thanks for covering for me) I’m combining the past 2 weeks of NXT. Hopefully I’ll be back on a normal schedule soon as the season is supposedly coming to an end in 4 weeks. 

NXT 10/26/10 

This week’s show is Halloween themed and as such Matt Striker brings out the costumed Rookies. AJ was dresses as a Ninja Turtle (Rafael to be specific), Naomi was dressed as the Hamburger Helper Helping Hand (yep, that big white glove), Kaitlyn was dressed as her Pro Vickie Guerrero, Maxine as an Ice Queen (so arguably didn’t wear a costume) and Aksana dressed like a she-devil.

Taking advantage of this, Striker held a Costume Contest Challenge to which Kaitlyn won.

Naomi w/Kelly Kelly def. Maxine w/Alicia Fox

This match might have been pretty decent had they not competed in their costumes, especially Naomi. The giant hand costume forced Maxine to control most of the match which would have been fine had Naomi not been in a giant glove costume!  Naomi eventually won via pinfall.

Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella def. AJ w/Primo

Pretty good match. AJ also competed in costume but was smart about it as she removed her shell before hand. Some fast paced back and forth between the two led to Brie being knocked outside. Nikki attempted to go for the switch but Primo stopped it. Brie and AJ continue with AJ taking the momentum. That is until Nikki made the forced switch, pulling Brie out of the ring and hitting AJ with Facebuster for the pinfall.

Candy Eating Challenge

Sticking with the Halloween theme Striker tells the Rookies they’ll be seeing who can eat the most candy in a minute. Their dentists did not approve. Hornswoggle came out to assist dressed as a cowboy. Maxine won and Hornswoggle goes for his usual celebratory grope hug. Maxine chases him but AJ gets in the way. While distracted Hornswoggle kneels behind Maxine and AJ gives her a shove toppling to the floor. This was apparently too exciting for Kaitlyn, who spit up on Vickie having eaten too much candy.

Backstage Kaitlyn tries to apologize but Dolph Ziggler tells her Vickie doesn’t want visitors but he comments how good she looks in her costume. If you remember, she’s dressed as Vickie so to all the ladies out there, Mr. Ziggles clearly has a type.

Goldust & Aksana def. Ted DiBiase & Maryse

Throughout the night DiBiase and Maryse have been seen backstage (Maryse vocally not wanting to be there) plotting how to get back his Million Dollar Championship. It was a good chaotic match. Aksana didn’t have to do too much as Maryse can sell a match without doing much of anything. Some costume based attacks and the men come in off tags. The fight ends up outside the ring with DiBiase taking the advantage. Aksana tags in and gets a near pin on Maryse. Goldust sends DiBiase to the floor after he broke up the pinfall. Maryse takes control but her arrogance was her downfall as Aksana steals one with an inside cradle for the pinfall.

After the match DiBiase gets his belt back and gives it to Maryse. Aksana gets it back and Goldust takes care of DiBiase. Aksana and Goldust walk off into the sunset to prepare for their wedding.

NXT 11/2/10 

Wedding bells are in the air as the Goldust/Aksana wedding takes place at the end of the night. Before I go into my review, have you ever seen a soap opera on Telemundo? Cause that’s the best way to describe this week’s episode as there are hookups and shocking turns of events aplenty. So I’ll cover this week moment to moment.

Matt Strike brings out the Rookies (then sends Aksana backstage because she mathematically can’t win immunity so they let her prepare for her wedding) for the nights 1st challenge, The Kissing Challenge.

The Rookies will demonstrate their ability to kiss (very important skill in wrestling) but will need a judge for this challenge. Out comes Hornswoggle. First up is Kaitlyn who got down to his level closed her eyes and puckered up. Hornswoggle grabbed her head and went to town. Next up was Maxine who instead pied ‘Swoggle in the face and told him to leave as she wouldn’t kiss him. He did but now they’re without a judge.

Enter ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes who’s here for his brother’s wedding but decide to lend his expertise for this challenge. Striker starts the contest over and Kaitlyn gives him a couple of kisses once he’s finished putting on his lip gloss (seriously). Next is Maxine who Cody helps out with some breath spray (for her) but she didn’t take kindly to that and made him kiss her hand. Next was Naomi who also refused, as she didn’t want sloppy seconds no matter how dashing he may be. Finally we’re at AJ who plays it nervous. She goes in for the kiss but Cody stops her to file her nails. Eventually AJ decides to just go for it and pounces on Rhodes as they make out like a couple of teenagers. AJ won and she was super excited.

Backstage Primo admits to AJ about being jealous of her kiss with Cody. She tells him she has something to tell him and they decide to talk in private. They open a door to find Dusty Rhodes with the Bella Twins. Dusty is having a private conversation with the Bella Twins and tells them to find someplace else.

Kelly Kelly def. Alicia Fox

Because they should probably have at least one match tonight we get arguably the two best Divas Pros on the show in action. Better than expected in quality and exactly where expected in how painful A. Fox makes everything look. Kelly Kelly sidesteps the Scissors Kick goes for a sunset flip pin. Fox kicks out goes for a clothesline and get hit with the K2 for the pinfall loss.

AJ & Primo are still looking for a private spot and stumble upon another dressing room. As they open the door they find Maxine in a precarious position with…Hornswoggle??? She claimed he was choking and needed mouth to mouth. AJ & Primo leave to find another spot as Primo gives ‘Swoggle the thumbs up.

Wedding Gift Scramble

Striker tells the Rookies there is a flag in one of the many gifts in the ring and who ever finds it first will be the winner. AJ and Naomi are the only ones who need to try and win this but Kaitlyn finds the flag in seconds securing Naomi’s immunity from tonight’s elimination.

AJ & Primo are still looking for a private place to talk and seemingly find one next to some equipment cases. But before they can talk the case shake. Upon further investigation, AJ & Primo discover Kaitlyn inside…making out with Dolph Ziggler. For those of you keeping count, Kaitlyn pulled off the make-out hat trick. Vickie sees this and a catfight ensues making its way to a group of men carrying the wedding cake which inevitably ends up on Vickie’s face.

The Wedding

Best Man ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes comes out as does Dusty Rhodes and ring bearer Hornswoggle (who waves at Maxine). Out comes Goldust wearing the Million Dollar Championship. Wedding brought to you by Shattered Dreams Production and .24 Karat Pictures. Every rises as Aksana makes her way down the ramp aisle in gold dress. Vows are given as the minister asks if there are any objections. There is just one…from the minister who explains that “everyone has a price” and leaves the ring.

Enter Ted DiBiase and Maryse. DiBiase explains that now that the wedding is off Aksana will be deported and right on cue enters the US Immigration agent. DiBiase says that if Goldust returns the Million Dollar Championship he’ll allow the wedding to continue. Before Goldust can respond, Dusty takes a mic and announces he knew something like this was going to happen which is why he brought his own personal southern minister.

Enter The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, Sr. who apparently agree to this to see the ‘priceless’ look on his son’s face. He then proceeds with the wedding uninterrupted. Dusty sneaks in a kiss before Goldust can but when Goldust goes in for his, Aksana slaps him across the face walks out smiling.


The 5 Rookies are gathered together and it’s announced that Maxine is eliminated. She goes back to the well for her ‘Not you’re typical Diva’ spiel and that she’ll end up on top (of Hornswoggle based off tonight’s show).  


AJ- About time they gave her some kind of storyline. I just wish it wasn’t with Primo. 

Naomi- It’s probably a good thing she’s winning all the physical challenges because her mic work is kinda wearing on me. Plus, I’m not buying that she didn’t want to kiss Rhodes. Last I remember she knew what his body looked like within seconds of seeing it. 

Aksana- Played the heel turn well this week. It definitely hinted at ulterior motives behind her engagement acceptance. Plus with Maxine gone they’ll need a new bad girl. 

Kaitlyn- The list of people she didn’t kiss on this show tonight would be shorter but I’m assuming her and her BFF AJ decided to experiment backstage bringing her total up to 4.

 Maxine- And the award for the biggest shock of the night goes to Maxine for getting caught macking on a munchkin. The most interesting thing she’s done all season and we’ll get no follow up. I expect her to come up to the main roster managing some new, young tag team. And still have a leprechaun fetish.



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