WWE Releases Six

WWE has announced the release of four Superstars and two Divas from their contracts.  Here’s some thoughts:

Shad Gaspard
When Cryme Tyme broke up, it seemed that Shad would be the breakout star of the team.  That never really happened – Shad lost repeatedly to JTG then vanished.  I suppose that it was inevitable.

Luke Gallows
The former Festus had a good thing going with CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society, but once it was time to cut him loose, it was obvious that Luke Gallows wouldn’t be around for long.  He doesn’t work unless he’s in the enforcer role.

Vance Archer
Oh, that certainly is a shame.  The TNA talent made very little impact in ECW before the brand dissolved, then made barely a ripple when he teamed with Curt Hawkins on Smackdown.  With Archer gone, so too goes the girliest tattoo in the WWE.

Caylen Croft
This is actually a surprise, as the other half of the Dude Busters Trent Barreta remains.  I suppose that Curt Hawkins could be moved into the spot for the team.

Tiffany has been MIA from WWE programming since a September incident with her husband Drew McIntyre.  Her days certainly seemed to be numbered.  She hadn’t really done much of consequence since ECW shut down.

Jillian Hall
This one was something of a surprise – not for her role on Raw, but for her announced position as a female trainer for FCW.  Jillian hasn’t been relevant in the Diva scene since…well, ever.  She hasn’t been on TV in months.


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