AJ’s Not The Last Sumo/Diva Standing – NXT 11/23/10

In the second to last episode of this season of NXT it was the pint-size gamer AJ who was eliminated. So I officially no longer care about NXT. But this weeks show was really good in-ring for the first time.

WWE Trivia Challenge

Just like the 2 seasons prior, the last challenge is trivia. And just like every challenge this season involving WWE knowledge, AJ swept the competition. It wasn’t even fair after a while. Especially for Kaityln who ended up with 0 points after blowing out Matt Striker’s eardrums.

Last Sumo Standing

So it’s your go home show before the season finale. What challenge do you have 3 beautiful young women compete in? A Sumo wrestling contest of course!? Each Rookie came out in a sumo suit as Striker explained the rules. Two Rookies start inside a circle and try to knock their opponent out of it. AJ was given a bye for winning the first challenge. Kaitlyn quickly eliminated Naomi in a somewhat controversal finish (Naomi was the first to be completely out of the circle). Kaitlyn won round 2 as well after holding off a surprisingly tough bout with AJ causing a restart which she dominated afterward.

As for the matches…

Nikki Bella def. Kailtyn

In what was Kaitlyn’s second best match of the season Nikki picked up a hard-fought pinfall victory with a facebuster. Nikki’s still doing her heel persona but didn’t use the switcheroo. Not that it would’ve worked as they weren’t exactly identically dressed.

AJ def. Naomi

In what was hands down the best match of the season by a long shot AJ picks up the submission victory with an Octopus Stretch. So you can get an idea of how good this match was, Cole and Matthews actually called the match! This match only made it more confusing when AJ was eliminated later in the night.


Naomi – Look great in her match this week and deserves to be in the finals. She’s most likely going to win next week but I thought the same about AJ this week so anything can happen I guess. If she does win, that means Kelly Kelly is in the same group as Chris Jericho and Lay-Cool. Let that sink in for moment.

Kailtyn – She’s getting my vote because I want to see who will win a singles title first, her or Kaval. The answer may surprise us all. Her in-ring has gotten a lot better lately and it seems her biggest hurdle will be conditioning as she regularly seems tired halfway through her matches. Despite the possible ‘Twilight’ association I kinda like her ‘Team K8LN’ gear.

AJ – Yeah, I still don’t get it. Sure her promos are a little weak but it’s not like the Divas talk that much anyway. I’m not saying she should have won the whole thing but she should have made the finals as she’s arguably the best in the ring. She’s the only one with a legitimate finisher for crying out loud. Of all the eliminated she’ll probably be the one to get the Nexus/Alex Riley treatment post NXT.

Cole & Matthews – I’ve only said this once this season but they were enjoyable this week. They did the same old not caring routine but they didn’t bury anyone in the ring (except Striker but he plays it off well) and they ended up actually calling one of the matches excitedly for once.


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