King of the Ring: Raw 11/29/10

After his surprise victory last week, what would the new WWE Champion, The Miz, do on his first night as champion?  Who would be crowned the 2010 King of the Ring?  After costing Wade Barrett a championship victory last week, would John Cena return to wage war with The Nexus?  Find a quick listing of the match results below, and the answers to these and other questions after the break.

Match Results
King of the Ring First Round:  Alberto Del Rio def. Daniel Bryan by submission.
King of the Ring First Round:  John Morrison def. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes by pinfall.
King of the Ring First Round:  Ezekiel Jackson vs. Drew McIntyre ended in double count-out.
King of the Ring First Round:  Sheamus def. Kofi Kingston by pinfall.
Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu def. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater by pinfall.
King of the Ring Semifinal:  John Morrison def. Alberto Del Rio by pinfall.
Natalya, Melina & Gail Kim def. Alicia Fox, Maryse & Tamina by submission.
King of the Ring Final:  Sheamus def. John Morrison by pinfall.
TLC match for the WWE Championship:  The Miz def. Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Here’s a rundown of what you need to know about what happened on Raw.

King of the Ring Tournament

  • Del Rio made Bryan tap out after he suffered a shoulder injury.  Backstage, the Bella Twins were arguing over who would comfort Bryan, with him between them.
  • There was the obligatory double count-out by Jackson and McIntyre, which allowed Sheamus to advance directly to the finals.
  • In the match between Del Rio and Morrison, Rey Mysterio started honking the horn of Del Rio’s car.  This distracted Del Rio long enough for Morrison to kick him in the face and get the win.
  • Sheamus won the tournament by beating Morrison.  The scepter was really cheap looking, but ridiculously huge.

John Cena and The Nexus

  • Michael McGillicutty was going to answer a challenge from R-Truth, but was attacked by someone backstage that appeared to be Cena.
  • During the Henry/Tatsu and Gabriel/Slater match, Cena came down to ringside with tickets in hand.  Cena’s distraction cost The Nexus members the match.  Cena then put Slater through the announcer’s table, and ran off through the crowd.
  • Later on in the show, Cena interrupts Wade Barrett, who was angry Cena was being allowed to be in the arena, and obviously backstage.  Cena asked Barrett if he expected the same security The Nexus attacked in their first appearance to actually protect them.  Three Nexus members tried to attack Cena, but several Superstars came to his aid.  Gabriel got an Attitude Adjustment onto the hood of a car.

The Miz’s first night as WWE champ

  • Alex Riley led off the show announcing a big party for The Miz, but later says it’s been cancelled because The Miz doesn’t need it.
  • The Miz is discussing how great he is, because he has done something many Hall of Famers have never done.  Lawler challenges him, defending the Legends, like himself, who never had a chance.  The Miz declines, but the GM orders Miz and Lawler to be in a TLC match, in order to promote the TLC pay-per-view.
  • Riley and Miz both went through tables during the match.  As Lawler was climbing up the ladder after sending Miz through a table, Michael Cole came in and grabbed Lawler’s foot.  Lawler decked Cole, but when he went up the ladder to stop The Miz, he was hit in the head with the belt, knocking him off the ladder, and allowing The Miz to win.

Other tidbits

  • Tamina left her match in the middle of it after Santino came out with a guitar (that he was comically bad at playing) and singing “I Think We’re Alone Now.”
  • Backstage, Maryse and Ted DiBiase got into an argument over his recent losing streak.
  • Punk and Cole called about half of the show without Lawler, after his match was set.  I later found out that Punk was wearing a Colt Cabana shirt.

Last Word
Personally, I think I would have preferred Alberto Del Rio winning the King of the Ring.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Sheamus, and am interested in seeing how things play out, but I think Del Rio would have benefited more from being King.  It could easily fit his gimmick.  Of course after King Booker, prior gimmick doesn’t really matter.  But more importantly, King of the Ring has always been a stepping stone to push a Superstar to bigger and better things.  Sheamus is a two-time champion.  He doesn’t need the push, because he’s already been on top.

I like that they quickly explained why no one would be stopping Cena from doing whatever he wanted to do.  The call-back to Nexus attacking security, so security isn’t going to stop Cena was a nice explanation that makes sense.


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