2010 Recycling Bin

It has been a rollercoaster 2010 in the world of professional wrestling, especially in the 2 main U.S. promotions: WWE and TNA.

There have been shockers (The Miz winning the WWE Title, Bret Hart returning to the WWE, etc.). There have been the rise of new and/or young superstars (Drew McIntyre, Daniel Bryan, Generation Me, etc.). Unfortunately, there have been the not-so-rising superstars. The not-so-great superstars. These are the “Fragments” that need to be, or already have been, tossed into the Recycling Bin of 2010. I now take a look into the 2010 Recycling Bin for the biggest “Fragments” of the year:


7) Kaval (WWE). He was one of my favorite wrestlers on TNA a few years ago. He signs with the WWE, spends some time in FCW (getting injured in the process, unfortunately), gets signed to NXT, and wins the season. Since his debut on Smackdown- he has one 2 matches: pinning Dolph Ziggler and just this past Friday, teaming with Kofi Kingston to defeat Ziggler and Jack Swagger. While Kaval has looked decent in most of his matches, “only 2 wins on Smackdown in 2010” isn’t a good thing to have on your resume.


6) Vance Archer (WWE). Here’s another product from TNA that jumped to the WWE and has done squat this year. His “30 Day Contract” storyline earlier in the year was the only true highlight from the man once known as Dallas and Lance Hoyt (TNA). A 6’7″, 270 lb. guy, with a bad attitude, could be the stereotypical “monster” of the mid-card, dominating Superstars and causing problems on Smackdown; instead, he’s lucky to get the occasional sniff on Superstars and the rarer taste of SD.


5) Chavo Guerrero (WWE). Like I said in many earlier Smackdown recaps: “Oh, how the mighty have fallen”. Granted, he’s had a fair share of wins on Superstars and is currently involved in a mini-angle for the WWE Tag Team Titles (he’s searching for suitable partner to win the belts with*), but a former multi-time Cruiserweight Champion, Tag Team Champion, and Intercontinental Champion should never be relegated to Superstars duty, unless:

a) he’s coming back from an injury

b) is in the last days of his career

c) is in the “dog house”

I don’t think Chavo is any of those 3.

*in a small bit of irony, Chavo’s current partner: Vance Archer.


4) Tommy Dreamer/Raven (TNA). In Dreamer’s case, he’s on the list because of his in-ring performances: it is VERY painfully obvious that he should call it a career. In Raven’s case, his skills aren’t as diminished as Dreamer’s, but is physique is/was worse. What got both of them put on this list: the “feud” that they had when EV2.0 and Four/Fortune had just started their war. They (Dreamer/Raven) were part of EV but Raven turned on Dreamer, citing the “she was mine, first!” angle. Unfortunately, not a not of TNA fans knew that this stemmed from the early ECW days. Even worse, the 2 of them weren’t exactly in the greatest of shape. Fortunately for *us*, this feud was cut short.


3) Bubba/Brother/Bully Ray (TNA). Bubba (I’m not calling him ‘Bully’) gets the “Ridiculous Ring Name Award” of 2010. He also gets the “Recurring Bad Dream Award” for his decision for going solo. Didn’t he learn from his oh-so-successful career as a single’s wrestler in the WWE that HE SUCKS ON HIS OWN?? “Hard Punch, Low Punch, Jab, Slam, Finisher” only works on Mortal Kombat I, not 2010 TNA.


2) This was close but Cryme Time (WWE) gets the #2 slot. This was one of the more popular teams of the last few years in the WWE. They had actually gotten a couple of Tag Team Title shots earlier this spring. then, the wheels came off. The team split up. Shad went heel (another big man who could have been a monster… or a “Beast” (that was intentional, Masked Marvel)), had a small feud with JTG, and then got shipped to FCW. He was recently released from the WWE. JTG had a match here and there on Superstars and one memorable one on SD where he got the absolute CRAP beat out of him by C.M. Punk. We haven’t seen JTG much since. It’s a shame because the tag team Division is painfully thin at the moment- Santino and Vladimir, the underused Usos, Chavo and his weekly partner, and Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu (Evan Bourne, if/when he comes back from injury)- and Cryme Tyme could have helped.


1) Fourtune Fortune (TNA). I’m taking the actual Ric Flair group separate from the rest of Hulk Hogan’s “Immortals”. There was so much potential when Flair started this group: A.J. Styles, Kazarian, Beer Money. Even adding Matt Morgan wasn’t a bad move- you had the ‘enforcer’ of the group. Instead, Fortune ended up being a joke of a stable. Having 5 members of them interfering in a match to beat The Pope(!). Getting embarrassed by EV2.0. Joining the Immortals (Ric Flair, playing 2nd Fiddle to Hulk Hogan in *any* group, gets them in the top 3 of this list automatically). Now, the group is splintered and in-fighting. Matt Morgan and Douglas Williams are either having problems or have left completely. Kazarian and AJ Styles went from fighting over Flair’s attention to fighting each other to being BFFs. A group that could have dominated TNA and challenged the Immortals for top stable of TNA is now about as relevant as The Spirit Squad of WWE (in)fam(y).


2 Responses to 2010 Recycling Bin

  1. Masked Marvel says:

    Are you sure that it’s Vance Archer? He got released a while ago.

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