Lacey Von Erich’s new deal

Lacey Von Erich has left the shores of TNA and has a new product to sell to you!

You know what?  I think I’m going to label this one NSFW.

That’s right, kids.  You can spend your hard-earned dollars on a video simulation of a wrestling match against Lacey Von Erich.  This is creepy on several different levels.  From the video preview it looks like Lacey has filmed a wrestling match with a camera man going through the motions.  From the preview we see selectively placed “blows”, grips, and questionable pauses.  If you pay, you can get the whole deal, but let’s be serious.  You’re not going to buy it for the in-ring techniques of the Von Erich family.  What Lacey is offering is a far cry from the legacy of her family.



They actually have a term for this kind of video.  SOFT-CORE PORN!   LaceyVon Erich is trying to corner a specific fetish market by using her “wrestling skills” and her other assets in a…well, I’m not really sure what she’s going for here.  The video comes off as uncomfortable to watch and is likely to be ridiculed as an alternative for the squeamish who couldn’t handle 1 Night in China.


One Response to Lacey Von Erich’s new deal

  1. manof1004gimmicks says:

    My favorite part is when “your” on the ground, on top of her and gently brush her hair out of her eyes.

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