Punked: Raw 12/27/10

Last night’s Raw seemed a bit off.  I’m not exactly certain why, though it may have just had to do with the booking of one match.  Tonight was the first time in a while that I have really questioned the booking of a segment.  Sure, there have been questions here and there, like why is Ted DiBiase losing all the time, but something tonight really had me scratching my head.  Other than that, it was an alright show, with a mildly surprising twist at the end.  Match results are below, and details about the show are after the break.

Match Results
Santino Marella def. Ted DiBiase by pinfall.
John Morrison def. Alex Riley by pinfall.
Mark Henry def. Tyson Kidd by pinfall.
Jerry Lawler def. The Miz by count-out.
Melina & Alicia Fox def. Gail Kim & Eve by pinfall.
Daniel Bryan def. Zack Ryder by submission.
Randy Orton def. Sheamus by pinfall. 

John Cena & CM Punk
The show opened with Cena upset about Punk attacking him on Raw and Smackdown last week.  He wants to know why Punk would attack him over his spilling of a diet soda.  Punk comes out, and says that he didn’t attack Cena because of a spilled drink, but instead because of Cena’s brutal nature.  When Cena had Barrett beaten, he still had to try to injure him be dropping the chairs on him.  When Cena had Batista beaten in an I Quit match, Cena still had to give him an AA off the car and through the stage, forcing Batista to retire.  Cena tells Punk that if he has a grievance with him, then they can settle it in the ring.  Punk tells him that he’ll do it later in the show, when he wants to.

At the end of the show, Cena doesn’t wait for Punk to call him, and comes out to the ring first.  However, Nexus (minus Wade Barrett, led by David Otunga) come out.  Otunga offers Cena a truce, but Cena declines and threatens them again.  Nexus gets halfway up the ramp before they turn around and attack Cena.  After Cena is beaten down, they leave and Punk comes out.  They clear a path for Punk as he gets into the ring.  He grabs a chair and goes to hit an unconscious Cena with it, but instead sits on it.  Punk looks at Cena for a bit, he then picks up a Nexus armband that Otunga had dropped after taunting Cena.  Punk puts the armband on and raises his fist to Nexus.  They return the salute.

The Miz/Alex Riley & Jerry Lawler/John Morrison
Morrison made the stipulation that if he beat Riley, then he would decide the stipulation for his title match and when it would be.  But if lost, then he would give up his title shot.  Needless to say, Miz was not happy with Riley after he lost to Morrison.  Morrison immediately told the announcers that the match would be a Falls Count Anywhere match, and would happen next week.  During the Lawler/Miz match, after Riley had interfered several times, Morrison came out to ringside.  After Lawler had knocked Miz off the top rope and to the outside, Morrison hit Miz with his knee/thigh to the face move (whatever it’s called).  This caused The Miz to be counted-out.  Later in the show, as Michael Cole was starting to read an e-mail from the GM, Miz ran through the crowd and attacked Lawler.

Other Happenings

  • As mentioned earlier today, Santion and Tamina took out DiBiase and Maryse, respectively, with Cobras.  The move, not The Undertaker’s wedding gift to Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth.
  • In addition to Tyson Kidd losing a match moments after he told Daniel Bryan he was coming after his US title, his bodyguard Jackson Andrews was also handled easily by Mark Henry.
  • Melina tried to sucker punch Natalya again, this time after shaking her hand, but Natalya would not be fooled.  Melina was not pleased.
  • The Bryan/Ryder match started during a commercial break, and the ongoing Bella contest for him was interrupted by the cut-off GM announcement.
  • I really do wonder what the GM was going to have Cole announce.  Guess we’ll never know.

Last Word
With Tamina becoming fully with Santino now, it’s likely that The Usos are done.  Or, it could mean a feud between Marella/Koslov and The Usos.  They are upset that Tamina has abandoned them so they threaten her.  So of course, Santino comes to the aid of his woman.  When there is finally a title match between the two teams, Tamina turns on Santino, giving The Usos the title and showing that she was just setting Santino up.  This leads to a few weeks of segments of Koslov being the ultra goofy member of the team, trying to cheer up his buddy so they can get revenge.  Well, that’s how I’d book it anyways.  I don’t expect to see it, but if it does happen you read it here first.

Also in the way of seeing someone get buried, what the hell happened with Tyson Kidd?  You can’t have someone go from threatening a champion to getting squashed in a matter of minutes.  And even his bodyguard got squashed.  It doesn’t make any sense to me.  Mark Henry doesn’t gain anything by beating them, so what’s the point?

And one last thing to Cena.  Calling him CM Sucks once is fine.  A little stupid, but fine.  (Granted, it’s no ‘Matty matty chicken patty’.)  But over and over and over and over quickly got old.  Please don’t do it again.  I’m sure coming up with different things for CM to stand for would be far more entertaining.


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