Hazing: Raw 1/10/11

On last night’s episode of Raw, CM Punk further established his control of the Nexus, Lawler would get a chance at revenge on The Miz, some stars from Smackdown would visit to talk up their Royal Rumble aspirations, and this year’s first Hall of Fame inductee would be announced.  Match results are below; details of the show are after the jump.

Match Results
Alberto Del Rio def. R-Truth by count-out.
Mark Henry & Daniel Bryan def. Ted DiBiase & Tyson Kidd by pinfall.
John Morrison def. King Sheamus by pinfall.
Randy Orton & Jerry “The King” Lawler def. The Miz & Alex Riley by pinfall. 

CM Punk & The Nexus
After last week’s actions, CM Punk is now the undisputed leader of The Nexus.  To test the loyalty of each member, he had them go through a voluntary initiation processes.  Michael McGillicuty had to endure an attack at the hands of the rest of the members, and was then carried off on their shoulders.  Backstage, Husky Harris was whipped with straps by the remaining members.  Later in the show, The Nexus interrupted The Big Show, and David Otunga was sent to the ring to get beaten up by The Big Show.  Backstage again, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater were told to beat each other with kendo sticks, but they refused to and left.  Near the end of the show, CM Punk, who had been saying his initiation would be the ultimate sacrifice, appeared on top of the tron.  Punk acted like he was going to jump off the tron, but was bluffing and revealed that he was perfectly safe and wearing a harness.  He then came down to the ring with The Nexus, minus Gabriel and Slater, and continued to insult everyone for being gullible and stupid.  John Cena came on the tron and agreed that he was an animal when someone attacks him.  Cena challenged Punk to a match next week, and Punk accepted.

Hall of Fame Inductee
Shawn Michaels was announced as this year’s first inductee into Hall of Fame.  Michaels came out to the ring, but before he could say anything, Alberto Del Rio interrupted him.  Del Rio went on about how he’d win the Royal Rumble, main event Wrestlemania, and then become the new Mr. Wrestlemania.  Michaels got tired of this and hit him with Sweet Chin Music.

Other tidbits

  • The show opened with The Nexus attacking Santino Marella and Vladmir Koslov.
  • Alberto Del Rio took the time to insult country music (they were in Nashville), and then had his announcer sing “La Cucaracha.”
  • The GM wrote an e-mail that was incredibly complimentary of Michael Cole.
  • Morrison and Sheamus had another fine match.

Last Word
Not really certain what’s going on with Nexus.  I get that Punk was testing their loyalty, which works, but it was really weird.  Why would Otunga allow himself to get beaten up for Punk, but not Wade Barrett?  I also wonder if Gabriel and Slater’s refusal to follow Punk will have them following Barrett to Smackdown.  That seems likely to me.

  • I didn’t find the insulting/singing bit with Del Rio to be entertaining.
  • The team of Ted DiBiase and Tyson Kidd had as good a chance of winning as a team of Rob Conways would.  Even though a team of Rob Conways would be awesome.
  • How is Punk’s fake suicide PG?
  • And why were people really cheering on the idea of him actually jumping?

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