Saturday Morning NXT/Smackdown – Jan 25th & 28th


Howard Finkel wins Out Think The Fink Challenge

Ted DiBiase def. Daniel Bryan

Brodus Clay def. Derrick Bateman, Johnny Curtis & Byron Saxton

  • It seems Bateman wasn’t as smart as he thought in regards to last weeks challenge win and was punished losing immunity points and given less time during this weeks challenge
  • The video footage catching him was hilarious
  • After his Fatal 4Way win Brodus Clay took advantage of his opportunity to switch Pros choosing Alberto Del Rio
  • It was very clever how he used DiBiase’s profile to refer to Del Rio
  • Not a fan of Clay’s finisher though

Smackdown after the jump…


Edge (c) & Randy Orton def. The Miz (c) & Dolph Ziggler or More Cross-Branded Main Event Time Filler

Vickie Guerrero opened up the show to be interrupted by Orton. Ziggler comes out and suffers an RKO. Later on Edge gave an interview and after a solid tag match with Edge picking up the win with a Spear, Vickie (via newly aquired GM powers) informed Edge that his Spear was banned and that if he used it during his Royal Rumble title defense then he’d not only lose the match but the World Heavyweight Championship as well. 3 consecutive Spears on Ziggler later, Edge accepted the new ruling.

  • I like how the Divas match played out. Kaitlyn & Kelly Kelly attacked LayCool pre-match but Kaitlyn was easily beat once in the ring. It made sense and no one looked bad because of it.
  • Kelly Kelly stayed for Drew McIntyre’s match after hers; but after his win he walked away brooding never even acknowledging her
  • I really don’t get want they’re doing with those two
  • Alberto Del Rio had a Royal Rumble exhibition that went awry when Kane, Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio decided to get involved resulting in a tag match that ended badly for Del Rio
  • Your Micheal Tarver spotting for the night took place before the aforementioned exhibition
  • “Not So Dashing” Cody Rhodes gave an interview with his back to the camera about injuries sustained from Mysterio last week. He’s been medically advised not to compete in the Rumble
  • Big Show gave his Rumble promo and a message to Corre who came out and eventually attacked once Heath Slater had a failed opportunity to beat Show 1 on 1.
  • The Smackdown locker room, or as most people like to call it: RAW’s locker room and Chris Masters, came to the Big Show’s aide driving off Corre

My Royal Rumble pick is the Big Show. He’s due a Rumble win. As for Masked Marvel’s Zack Ryder wager. I’m not that stupid but I may be willing to put a wager on the performance of the Long Island Iced Z.

Michelle McCool & Layla def. Kelly Kelly & Kaitlyn

Drew McIntyre def. JTG

Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio def. Alberto Del Rio & Kane

Big Show def. Heath Slater

Edge & Randy Orton def. The Miz & Dolph Ziggler


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