Saturday Morning NXT/Smackdown – Feb. 22 & 25


Johnny Curtis wins Grace Under Pressure Challenge

Johnny Curtis def. Brodus Clay & Derrick Bateman

Brodus Clay wins Open Mic Challenge

Derrick Bateman is eliminated from NXT

Well, chalk up another failed season of NXT. I may seem a little bitter but with the elimination of Derrick Bateman I feel you’ve lost the last Rookie who would actually benefit from winning. Brodus Clay is big enough and has the background that monster bodyguard for [insert heel here] was inevitable for him win or lose. And Johnny Curtis will have to launch his career off teaming with R-Truth. I’m a fan of R-Truth but Curtis will never get over as his partner. He’ll just be that guy that’s with R-Truth even if they win the Tag Team Titles. Then when they eventually break apart (and they will), Truth will resume his upper mid-card/main event filler role and Curtis will fall back by the wayside. He’d have a better chance of breaking through losing and teaming with someone else later down the road.

Next week is the season finale so get your votes in now!

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Directionless: TNA Impact 2/24/11

The “rematch clause” – the ‘contractual stipulation’ that a former champion gets a rematch against the opponent he lost his title to – has become an accepted part of wrestling to the point that we don’t even question it anymore.  So it came as no surprise to see Mr. Anderson kick off Impact demanding a rematch against Jeff Hardy for the title he lost at Against All Odds.  But Eric Bischoff’s not a fan of contracts (obviously), so he let Anderson know that he would have to earn his shot.  Oh, and Anderson brawled with Rob Van Dam because all of the babyfaces in TNA are really stupid.  Long story short, it would be Anderson vs. RVD on Impact wrestling for no reason at all.  Oh, wait, toss Kurt Angle in there too.

The match itself was not bad until wedding music began playing and Jeff and Karen Jarrett walked out onto the stage in wedding attire.  This distracted Angle, who had the match basically won, causing him to get nailed by Anderson’s Mic Check and get pinned.  But TNA wasn’t done – oh no, they had their BIG SURPRISE that they had been touting for Impact.  The show ended with a video of black boots standing in pouring rain ending with “3 3 11” appearing in burning letters on the screen.  You know – just like WWE did to promote the return of the Undertaker.

Seriously.  They did that.

Rest of the show after the jump.

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Raw 2/21/11

On this episode of Raw, the mystery of the 2-21-11 promos would finally revealed.  The tag team titles would be defended, twice.  A challenge for Wrestlemania would be made.  Two Elimination Chamber combatants would face-off, with a third ignoring threats against him.  Match results are below, and full details are after the break.

Match Results
CM Punk def. John Morrison by pinfall
The Bellas def. Eve & Gail Kim by pinfall
Mark Henry def. King Sheamus by pinfall
Tag Team Title match:  The Miz & John Cena def. Justin Gabriel(c) & Heath Slater(c)
Tag Team Title match:  Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater def. John Cena(c) & The Miz(c)  Read more of this post

PPV Preview: WWE Elimination Chamber 2011

Here we are at the lone pit-stop on the Road to WrestleMania.  Try to get some souvenirs from when it was called No Way Out if you please.  To make nice with the rest of the WWE’s gimmick-based PPVs, this one has been tooled around the massive Elimination Chamber match.  Introduced years ago by Eric Bischoff, the Elimination Chamber is a mix of a battle royal and the old War Games match in which six guys are in the ring with two starting and the other four held in cages on the four corners of the ring.  At regular intervals, they are released int0 the match, with anyone being able to be eliminated by pinfall or submission at any time.

With the WWE split into two brands, this PPV has become essential in deciding the main event for WrestleMania for the brand that doesn’t feature the Royal Rumble winner.  Once Elimination Chamber is done, the card for the biggest show of the year is essentially set.  So let’s run down the card!

John Cena vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth vs. Randy Orton vs. King Sheamus vs. CM Punk
Since Alberto Del Rio won the Royal Rumble, Raw needs a challenger for the WWE Championship to be decided in the Elimination Chamber.  Raw held a series of qualifier matches for the event and this is what they got.  Since their announcements, CM Punk has been leading his Nexus forces to attack the other participants and weaken them up, so all involved likely want a piece of Punk before all else.

But as for a prediction – I’d say the  safe bet is for John Cena to take the Raw Elimination Chamber and drift straight into a title match against the Miz at WrestleMania.  All signs seem to be pointing towards that inevitability – the Rock even targeted both Cena and the Miz specifically during his return promo.  Look for Randy Orton and CM Punk to increase their feud in the process.  Do you who’s not going to win?  R-Truth.


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Saturday Morning NXT/Smackdown- Feb. 15th & 18th


Brodus Clay wins Smash & Grab Challenge

Brodus Clay def. R-Truth

Brodus Clay wins Save Yourself Trivia

Daniel Bryan def. Derrick Bateman

  • The night opened with Derrick Bateman challenging his Pro Daniel Bryan to a submission exhibition with pinfalls legal. Confused, Bryan accepted but needed to change so that people could tell them apart. Cue shot of them in matching “DB” trunks.
  • There must have been a sale on piñatas last weeks. That’s the only explanation I have for the Smash & Grab Challenge.
  • Big Brodus Clay had a big night before next weeks elimination round.
  • It seems the NXT writing staff were fans of Nickelodeon with their You Can’t Do That On TV homage trivia challenge.
  • The Bryan/Bateman match started off a little slow but picked up about halfway through finishing with a series of LeBell Lock attempts and counters.
  • Voting is going on now thru Tuesday so vote now.

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Now booked by the “Network”: TNA Impact 2/17/11

With Jeff Hardy’s title victory over Mr. Anderson at Against All Odds, Immortal was riding high.  Sure, a month ago they needed all the titles in TNA to hold leverage over Dixie Carter’s court battle to regain her company, but despite losing three of the company’s six four titles (two to defection and one to murder) they seem to be willing to float upon the TNA Heavyweight Championship through to March 3rd in which something will happen.  We hope.

But unfortunately for Immortal, Eric Bischoff was informed by “the network” that a match between Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy for the TNA title must take place, and so it was booked.  That didn’t sit well with former champion Mr. Anderson who was unwilling to wait for a title match while someone else got a shot, and demanded to be put into the match.  Instead, Bischoff put him into the title picture with the statement that if Hardy didn’t retain, Anderson would be unable to prove that he could beat him.  We’ll deal with THAT statement later.

Also of note was the return of Ric Flair, who managed to find his way back to the Impact Zone with little to no reasoning over why he had been gone for the past two weeks.  After a uncomfortable confrontation with Immortal, he greeted Fortune and told them he was on board with them, and even Iced the three present, and joined them in chugging Smirnoff Ice.  James Storm even chugged two.  But Flair lived up to his “dirtiest player in the game” moniker when he turned on the group he formed, pushing A.J. Styles off of the top rope in his match against Matt Hardy, giving Hardy the win and left Styles massively pissed off.

At the main event, RVD and Jeff Hardy finally met for a rather basic match with Anderson not playing favorites to either man.  The finish came when RVD pushed Hardy into the corner and directly into Anderson (who actually had to dash to get in between them and the corner).  Anderson stared down Hardy, who used the distraction to kick RVD in the “yambags” (as Taz would say), which opened him up for a Twist of Hate and Hardy retaining his face the title.  Anderson raised Hardy’s hand, then planted him with a Mic Check.  RVD then took the opportunity to yell at Anderson over the missed low blow call and received a Mic Check of his own.  And thus we have a cliffhanger.

Rest of the show after the jump.

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Quick hits on WWE Superstars 02/17/11

I thought that since I watch the show every week, I might as well give my thoughts on it.  Here’s a rundown of what happened on Superstars.

Chris Masters def. Tyler Reks
It was truly the contest of the behemoths of Superstars, as neither Chris Masters nor Tyler Reks tend to lose matches on the C-Show.  Well, make that Chris Masters who never loses on the C-Show as he caught Reks coming off the top rope and locked on the Masterlock to get the win.  The commentators claimed that since returning to the WWE no one has broken the Masterlock and as long as he sticks to Superstars, that claim will remain true.

The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso) def. Yoshi Tatsu and David Hart Smith
Remember when David Hart Smith was a tag team champion?  Losing on Superstars in no big deal – the lower card seems to shuffle around with who wins and who loses – but losing to the Usos is kind of embarassing.  Not only did these guys make absolutely nothing out of their debut and feud with the Hart Dynasty, but they lost their valet to Santino Marella of all people.  But fortunately, they happen to be identical twins and as stated in the rulebook of tag team wrestling if twins are tagging (or even similar looking partners – the Headbangers used to do it), then they must pull the ol’ switcheroo.  Jimmy exchanged with Jey and pulled the win.  Or at least that’s who Josh Matthews said it was, so I’m taking his word for it.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (w/Tamina) def. Zack Ryder & Primo
Woo woo woo, you knOW! YOU JUST HIT ME WITH THE COBRA, BRO!  I know at least one of this blog’s writers is DZP (hint: it’s manof1004gimmicks) but their efforts at tag teaming has been pretty abysmal thus far.  In an effort filled with miscues and botched moves, the tag champs made Zack and Primo look silly.  ZP became the first pairing I’ve ever seen miss the arm-held-slam-off-the-ropes move when Santino of all people simply pulled Primo out of the way with his held arm.  The ending was never in question and with the loss goes any chance of a DZP tag title opportunity.