Who are THEY?

Note: I am aware that this week’s Impact has already been taped and that the results are available online.  For the sake of discussion, please don’t bring up spoilers for the matter.

TNA has a big episode of Impact this Thursday, with weeks of build culminating.  Dixie Carter has promised a verdict on her court case.  Eric Bischoff has promised the return of Hulk Hogan.  Jeff Hardy gets his rematch against new TNA champion Mr. Anderson.  But perhaps most noteworthy is the promise from Crimson and Kurt Angle that a new THEY will be arriving on the scene to destroy Immortal’s hold on the company.  To whet the fan’s appetite, Scott Steiner appeared at the end of last week’s Impact to save Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan and Crimson from an Immortal beating, decked out in his fancy suit. 

The hints would suggest that THEY would be the returning Main Event Mafia, the stable that dominated TNA in 2008 and 2009.  Kevin Nash and Sting left the scene after the last THEY were revealed, so it would make sense to have them back to fight the new battle.  Booker T had been missing since before Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff arrived on the scene, but he was still a core member of the group.  It was the obvious occurence and looked to add a bright new chapter to the Immortal saga.

But then the Royal Rumble happened.

For those unaware, both Booker T and Kevin Nash (as Diesel) returned to the WWE to participate in the Royal Rumble match on Sunday.  Neither man appeared on last night’s Raw, but it’s most certain that if they signed any kind of deal that would let them be in a WWE PPV, they most likely would not be allowed to appear on TNA television the very same week.  It’s that kind of prevention that is a lasting effect of the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW.

So without Nash and Booker, what does that mean for THEY?  Even if Sting returned, he is not a THEY, and alone he lacks the dynamic that this angle seems to be building for.  A stable of Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Matt Morgan, Crimson and Sting would be something to behold, but really how far could they go against the 44 members of Immortal?  Beyond Sting, I really can’t think of anyone else that would be a surprise return to fit the role.  The big names in the business are with one of the companies or retired, and I highly doubt TNA would ever land a Chris Jericho or Batista.

So who will THEY be?  I suppose we’ll just have to watch Impact to find out.


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