Saturday Morning NXT/Smackdown – Feb. 8th & 11th


Another elimination night this week with a heated race for immunity between the final four.


Byron Saxton wins Rock Em Sock Em Rookies Challenge

Derrick Bateman def. Byron Saxton

Brodus Clay wins Challenge

Brodus Clay def. Johnny Curtis

Byron Saxton eliminated from NXT

  • Clay refused to compete in the Rock Em Sock Em Challenge giving Saxton a free ride to the finals.
  • After a controversial victory Saxton picked up a decisive victory against Bateman in the video replay mandated rematch.
  • Josh Matthews commented that he thought the loser of Bateman vs. Saxton would be eliminated this week.
  • Dolph Ziggler was sporting the Zack Ryder t-shirt this week under his sports coat.
  • The Challenge brought back AJ & Naomi from season 3 as Striker’s Beauties in this Price Is Right style challenge.
  • Saxton almost won the Challenge and immunity but was over by a few cents giving Clay the victory.
  • Tension between Curtis and his Pro R-Truth continue.
  • Curtis & Clay were tied for immunity and because they left it up to the easily swayed Green Bay audience Curtis won by saying “Go Packers!”
  • I really don’t like Johnny Curtis.
  • Byron Saxton’s reaction to being eliminated came in 3 stages :
  1. About 2 minutes of silence fighting back tears.
  2. Angrily shout he doesn’t understand how the WWE Universe wouldn’t vote for him.
  3. He forgave the WWE Universe for their mistake and left smiling knowing they’d embrace him on day.

His Pro Ziggler got into his face as he left , berating him in the process. The fans, and Chris Masters, started chanting for Saxton to punch him but he was the bigger man and walked away with a smirk.

Elimination Thoughts

I’m a little disappointed in Saxton’s elimination as he was one of my favorite Rookies to watch this season. He has the ability to get booed by playing to the crowd. I felt he needed to win this season to make it to the main roster in a relatively quick time span. As for the remaining 3, Derrick Bateman should win with Brodus Clay in 2nd. I don’t get the hype they’re putting over on Johnny Curtis. The other two are more entertaining in and out of the ring.


The odds were stacked against the Rated R Champion Edge again this week as he defended his title against Dolph Ziggler with acting GM and Ziggler’s girlfriend Vickie Guerrero as special guest referee. To make matters worse, the ban on his Spear was still in effect. Overcoming fast counts for Ziggler and Vickie putting Ziggler’s foot on the rope during his own pinfall counts Edge seemingly couldn’t find a way to win this match. Then, with both competitors down, Vickie got the idea to Spear Edge herself. This resulted in Edge standing tall as Vickie injured her ankle. While Vickie was receiving medical attention, Edge hit Ziggler with a Spear. Unfortunately Vickie was unable to make the count. So, with Vickie watching he hit Ziggler with another Spear. But before Vickie could punish Edge, Clay Matthews of the Super Bowl winning Green Bay Packers came out in a referees shirt and counted the pinfall. Both men celebrated with the World Heavyweight Championship and a replica of the belt.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Edge used the Spear in front in front of Vickie. Shouldn’t Ziggler be the new champion?” and to that I have two answers:

  • Being injured, Vickie was unable to fulfill her duties as referee and the decision therefore goes to the new official.

“But Vickie’s the GM and has the power to reverse referee decisions.”

  • You tell Clay Matthews he’s wrong. Seriously, you go do that. He looks like a Norse god. claims Vickie did in-fact waive the decision but it’s still unclear who the rightful champion is.

As for the rest of the show..

  • Kofi Kingston ruined Alberto Del Rio’s Valentine’s Day celebration striking the Royal Rumble winner with a kendo stick.
  • They should let Kofi go crazy more often. This attack was up there with his destruction of Randy Orton’s NASCAR.
  • Del Rio gained some amount of revenge with a win over Kingston immediately after the assault.
  • The Corre destroyed the Tag Team Champions after Justin Gabriel and Vladimir Kozlov’s match. Heath Slater did suffer a Cobra strike during the match though.
  • Drew McIntyre holds Edge solely responsible for Kelly Kelly’s being fired last week.
  • Chris Masters hit a Sky High on McIntyre that would D-Lo Brown jealous.
  • After defeating Mysterio Corre assaulted the Master of the 619 until Big Show came out to make the save.
  • Ezekiel Jackson eventually took control of the Big Show’s retaliation and added a Suplex to his arsenal of impressive moves he can do on the World’s Largest Athlete.
  • JTG moved up from Superstars this week quickly losing to Kane after a brief flurry of offense.
  • Tension continues to build between LayCool after several losses over the past few months.

Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston

Justin Gabriel def. Vladimir Kozlov

Drew McIntyre def. Chris Masters

Wade Barrett def. Rey Mysterio

Kane def. JTG

(c)Eve def. Layla

(c)Edge def. Dolph Ziggler


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