Raw 3/7/11

On this episode of Raw, Randy Orton would continue his trek through The Nexus.  King Sheamus would continue to be frustrated.  John Cena responds to The Rock’s latest rant.  A couple Texans show up to the delight and disdain of Michael Cole.  Match results directly below, detailed results after the break.

Match Results
Randy Orton def. David Otunga by pinfall
Christian def. Brodus Clay by pinfall
Divas title match:  Eve(c) def. Nicki Bella by pinfall
Daniel Bryan def. King Sheamus by count out
CM Punk def. R-Truth by submission
Dolph  Ziggler def. John Morrison by pinfall 

Undertaker Opening.
The Undertaker came out to the Johnny Cash song “Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down.”  He came and talked about how some where thinking that this is the year that the streak is broken.  Taker then reminded everyone what he’s done the past two years, via video montage.  Taker then assured everyone that he would beat Triple H at Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton def. David Otunga by pinfall.
Backstage, CM Punk, Mason Ryan, and David Otunga attacked Orton, and had him essentially knocked out.  Punk had Otunga and Ryan drag Orton to the ring.  After a commercial break, all men were in the ring.  After Punk and Ryan leaves the ring, Orton is conscious enough to insist that the match with Otunga happen.  Otunga controlled what match there was, but Orton surprised him with an RKO and got the pinfall.  Ryan then came out and attacked Orton, but he also surprised him with an RKO.  Punk ran down to the ring, but Orton stared him down, and then punted Otunga.

Christian def. Brodus Clay by pinfall.
Alberto Del Rio told Christian that he wouldn’t be facing him.  Instead, Brodus Clay would be facing him.  Eventually, Christian hit Clay with a tornado DDT and got the pinfall.  After the match, Del Rio attacked Christian, wrapping his hand in his scarf, and hitting him with fabulous punches.  Del Rio then put Christian into the Cross Armbreaker.

Hall of Fame Inductee.
Sunny was announced as an inductee in the Hall of Fame class of 2011.

Divas title match:  Eve(c) def. Nicki Bella by pinfall.
Gail Kim and Brie Bella were at ringside.  During the match, Michael Cole got on a mic and told the Divas to wrap this up because he had an announcement coming up.  The Bellas tried to pull the ole switch-a-roo, but the ref caught them and kicked Brie out of the ring.

Michael Cole’s announcement.
After convincing everyone that Steve Austin was going to be the guest referee, Cole announces that it will actually JBL.  JBL goes on for a while about how great he is, but is interrupted by Steve Austin.  JBL gets in Austin’s face, and Austin gave him a stunner.  After celebrating with several beers, Austin notices the unsigned contract that Cole had for JBL to sign.  He pick it up and signs it himself, making himself the guest referee.  Austin then gives Cole a beer bath.  After a commercial break, Cole complained to Swagger about what had just happened, but Swagger told Cole to trust him.  He’d take care of Austin.  Back ringside, Jerry Lawler came out to do commentary.

Daniel Bryan def. King Sheamus by count out.
After getting knocked to the outside, Sheamus apparently hurt his ankle and couldn’t get back in the ring before the 10 count.  Sheamus then said that his losing streak would end next week when he fights Bryan for the US title.  Sheamus went on to say that he’d quit if he lost to Bryan.

CM Punk def. R-Truth by submission.
Punk injured R-Truth’s shoulder, and forced him to tap out with the Anaconda Vice.  After the match, Mason Ryan came in and attacked R-Truth.

Dolph Ziggler def. John Morrison by pinfall.
Vicki Guererro introduced Dolph as the newest acquisition to Raw.  After a while, behind the ref’s back, Dolph poked Morrison in the eye.  This allowed Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag and get the pinfall.  After the match, the GM said that he had hired Ziggler, but not Vicki.  However, Vicki would be hired if she beat Trish Stratus next week.

John Cena responds.
In response to The Rock being upset about being spoken to in rap, Cena responds to him in hip hop, which sounded an awful lot lock his response in rap.  After Cena finishes what he has to say to The Rock, he get blindsided by The Miz, who had said earlier in a tweet that he was boycotting Raw because he was feeling unappreciated.

Last Word
I wish The Rock and Cena would come face to face.  It’s frustrating that they keep putting this off, but it’s frustrating because I want to see it.  I know that they’re holding off until closer to Wrestlemania to build anticipation, but it’s still frustrating.  I still can’t get a feel for how all of this Cena/Rock stuff will end.  It has the feel that they’re building to a match, but Cena already has a match at Mania.  Speaking of which, I like the little niche Miz has carved out for himself as being overlooked by everyone, even though he’s the champion.

  • Not sure I like Taker coming out to the Johnny Cash song, but not sure I dislike it either.  I’ll get back to you on that one.
  • Also, The Last Outlaw nickname for Taker is a little stupid.
  • So, WWE can get Snooki to come be a guest star shortly after TNA got someone that is no longer on the show.  Coincidence?
  • I like Sunny being added to the WWE Hall of Fame.  And apparently they announced that Bob Armstrong is being inducted.  Really, Bob Armstrong?

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