Weekend* NXT/Smackdown Review – Mar 8th & 11th

* Cause I’m clearly never going to start posting this at a consistently scheduled time


New Rookies were not announced because this season is about redemption. The pairings are:

  1. Byron Saxton & Yoshi Tatsu
  2. Conor O’Brian & Vladimir Kozlov
  3. Darren Young & Chavo Guerrero
  4. Jacob Novak & JTG
  5. Lucky Cannon & Tyson Kidd
  6. Titus O’Neil & Hornswoggle

And the winner of NXT Redemption earns a spot on NXT Season 6. That’s not really much of a prize but it’s because they’re trying to make sure Tough Enough succeeds. It is being televised after all.

Other changes for this go around of NXT include:

  • Maryse as co-host
  • William Regal replacing Josh Matthews on commentary
  • The contestants are competing for redemption points instead of immunity points which they can use when ever they wish to keep themselves from being eliminated
  • Almost all the contestants have changed their personae based off their Pro’s thoughts on why they lost their original seasons

Darren Young def. Jacob Novak

Darren Young wins Boot Camp Obstacle Course (3 Redemption points)

Titus O’Neil def. Lucky Cannon

  • The front-runners of this season look to be Young, O’Brian & Saxton.
  • Cannon will probably stay a round for a while because he’s the clear heel of the show.
  • O’Neil is your dark horse because let’s face it, people love Hornswoggle.
  • And Novak will be the first eliminated unless he wins every challenge.

It’s looking to be an interesting new season despite the fact that it’s just treading water until season 6.


Edge & Alberto Del Rio

Lot’s of Wrestlemania build up this week with the night starting off with Edge calling out Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio didn’t come alone , bringing his NXT season 4 rookie Brodus Clay with him. The two assaulted Edge with Christian coming down once again to aid the Champion. Teddy Long comes out and sets up the main event tag match between the four men. Teaming up for the first time (on TV) in almost a decade E&C haven’t lost a step together as they picked up the pinfall on Brodus Clay.

John Cena

Michael Cole also interviewed John Cena about The Miz getting the best of him earlier in the week on RAW. Cena said it was a mistake on The Miz’s part because now Cena is focusing all his attention on champion now. Cole antagonized Cena on being afraid of The Miz and, because CM Punk was right, Cena went to shut Cole up personally. Jack Swagger came out to make the save but because he doesn’t have an Olympic gold medal, his Anklelock was counter repeatedly resulting in an Attitude Adjustment for his trouble as Cole watched on.

Triple H

The Game came out to respond to The Undertaker’s words on RAW. HHH accepted the No Holds Barred match against the Deadman. He then agreed with comments Shawn Michaels made about him saying he did have a dark side that didn’t let emotion control him and that despite it making him a bad person sometimes it also gave him the edge needed to defeat Taker at Wrestlemania.

As for the rest of the show…

  • Corre seems to have forgotten their deal with Teddy Long from before his injury and are utilizing gang mentality attacks during their matches.
  • It seemed like we’d be getting Corre vs Big Show & Kane at Wrestlemania but Show put a stop to those ideas with a chair shot on Kane post match.
  • Cody Rhodes made quick work of JTG in dress clothes.
  • Rhodes is also really playing up his self-consciousness about his face which is nice to see.
  • NXT Season 3 winner Kaitlyn had her first singles match in a losing effort to Layla.
  • LayCool seem to be back on the same page sending a brutal post match message to the Diva locker room via Kaitlyn.
  • Rey Mysterio accepted Rhodes’ Wrestlemania challenge after his match with Drew McIntyre.
  • Christian caught us up on all that has happened in the world since he last teamed up with Edge in a back stage interview and it totally reeked of awesomeness.

Kane def. Wade Barrett via DQ

Big Show & Kane def. Wade Barrett & Heath Slater via DQ

Cody Rhodes def. JTG

Layla def. Kaitlyn

Rey Mysterio def. Drew McIntyre

(c) Edge & Christian def. Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay


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