Raw 3/14/11

On this episode of Raw, The Rock would make fun of John Cena, and then be mocked by The Miz.  King Sheamus would either win the U. S. title or quit.  Randy Orton would try to take out the last member of Nexus standing between him and CM Punk.  Vicki Guerrero would fight for her job.  John Cena would try to end the show conscious.  Match results below, details after the break.

Match Results
The Great Khali def. The Miz by DQ
US Title match:  King Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan(c) by pinfall
Randy Orton def. Mason Ryan by pinfall
Vicki Guerrero def. Trish Stratus by pinfall
John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio by DQ 

The Rock opening.
The Rock is at home talking on the phone with someone about how stupid John Cena’s response last week.  Cena’s music plays, and a kid dressed in Cena’s gear comes out.  The Rock demands that “Cena” quits rapping, and talk to him like a man.  The Rock makes “Cena” admit that he won’t be as big as The Rock because he’s not as talented.  After dismissing “Cena” with a box of Fruity Pebbles, The Rock addresses The Miz.  The Rock was not happy with what The Miz did and said last week, and told both him and Cena that the time for talk was over.

The Miz in-ring.
The Miz comes out and responds to what The Rock had just said.  A lot was said, but it all boiled down to The Miz thinking he’s better than Cena and The Rock.  He’s dominated Cena and wants the opportunity to get his hands on The Rock.  The GM sent an e-mail, that Lawler read after telling Cole to go back to his cage, that Miz and Cena would have first time ever matches.  Cena would take on Alberto Del Rio, while The Miz would take on The Great Khali.

The Great Khali def. The Miz by DQ.
Early in the match, while Khali had The Miz in his skull crushing submission hold, Alex Riley interfered.  While Khali was focused on Riley, Miz came back in and hit Khali many times with a chair.  The Miz finished off the attack by hitting Khali with a DDT onto the chair.

John Morrison and Snooki backstage.
Morrison was backstage talking with tonight’s guest star Snooki, when Vicki and Dolph Ziggler showed up.  Words were exchanged and Vicki tried to slap Snooki, but Snooki blocked it and slapped Vicki.

U. S. Title match:  King Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan(c) by pinfall.
Sheamus was able to escape the Lebell Lock and Bryan was able to escape Sheamus’ High Cross attempt.  In the end, Sheamus hit Bryan with the Brogue Kick as Bryan was jumping off the top rope.

Michael Cole confronts Jerry Lawler.
Cole came out of his protective Cole Mine, and brought out someone from Lawler’s past to confront him.  That person was Brian Christopher.  After doing every one of Too Cool’s dance moves, Christopher finally made it to the ring.  Cole asked him why he never went by Brian Lawler.  Christopher said he never felt like he had a father, and bad mouthed Lawler for a while.  Lawler came back and said that he too was glad that Christopher never used the Lawler name because he was a screw up.  Christopher brings up that he wrestled at Wrestlemania before his dad did, and with Too Cool, was part of one of the bigger things in the company.  Christopher ended by telling Lawler he never used his name because he was ashamed of him.  As Cole taunts Lawler, Jim Ross came out to the ring.  Ross tells Cole that things have gone far enough.  Cole tells Ross to go away.  Ross told Cole has been carrying him along for years.  As Ross was leaving the ring, Cole called him a coward.  So, Ross got in and removed his hat and jacket.  As Ross and Cole were about to fight, Jack Swagger attack Lawler from the crowd.  Swagger then attacked Ross, and put him in the ankle lock.  Lawler broke it up, but was himself put into an ankle lock.  Cole then put Ross into an ankle lock.

Randy Orton def. Mason Ryan by pinfall.
With CM Punk watching on the stage, Ryan was controlling most of the match, but got distracted or cocky at the thought of Wrestlemania, and Orton was able to hit him with the RKO.  Orton was starting to head up the ramp, when he quickly slid back into the ring and punted Ryan.  Punk had tried to run in, but by the time he had slid into the ring, Orton had already done his deed, and was staring down Punk.

Hall of Fame Inductee.
Drew Carey was announced as the newest Inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.  Carey’s accomplishment was being the first celebrity entrant in the Royal Rumble match.

Vicki Guerrero def. Trish Stratus by pinfall.
Backstage, as Snooki and Trish were walking, they were approached by Zack Ryder, and Snooki complemented his abs.  Snooki, introduced by her real name Nicole Polizi, said a few words before the match and then sat at ringside for the match.  During the match, Laycool interfered, which allowed Vicki to get the pinfall and get a job on Raw.  After the match, Michelle McCool went outside and talked trash to Snooki.  As McCool was going to get back into the ring, Snooki tripped her up.  Snooki then slid into the ring and took down Layla with a Lou Thez Press.  A brawl broke out with Ziggler and Morrison coming to the ring.  After it ended, Vicki challenged Stratus, Snooki, and Morrison to a match with Laycool and Ziggler at Wrestlemania.  Snooki accepted the challenge.

John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio by pinfall.
Cena had Del Rio up for the Attitude Adjustment when Brodus Clay interfered in the match, bringing about a DQ finish.  As Del Rio and Clay are attacking Cena, The Rock’s music hit.  It looked like The Rock was coming out, but it was really just The Miz, heavily tanned and with a skull cap on.  The Miz attacked Cena, throwing him into various things on the stage.

Last Word
I really want to know where this Rock/Cena/Miz storyline is going.  And give us a confrontation between Cena and The Rock already.  It’s frustrating because it’s something I want to see, and I want to be granted with it now.  I want it now, and then be able to look back and say that they did it too soon, and it should have been the last thing heading into Wrestlemania.  I know that’s irrational, but I’m a wrestling fan writing on the Internets, I can be irrational if I want to be.

  • We were told that Snooki from Jersey Shore was on this show, but I’m not buying it.  Sure, there was someone on the show named Snooki, but this person delivered her lines well enough, didn’t botch her spot, and was nice to Zack Ryder.  That doesn’t seem like the Snooki I’ve heard about.
  • Not sure where things go with Daniel Bryan, but it’s has been a nice run.  He was in the main event at Summerslam, has held the U. S. title, had the Bella Twins fighting over him, and had that storyline end with him making out with Gail Kim.  Sounds like a pretty successful run.
  • I was really hoping that The Rock was going to punch the Cena kid.  But that may just be my desire to punch the Cena kid that was always at OVW shows.
  • With 2 shows left before Wrestlemania, how many more times will The Miz get the best of Cena?  Of course, they do need to convince everyone that The Miz is a threat to Cena.

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