Raw 3/28/11

This episode was full of final confrontations of Wrestlemania opponents before Wrestlemania.  Match results are directly below, details after the break.  I’m holding off on my “Last Word” for now, and saving it for the Wrestlemania preview.

Match Results
Edge & Christian def. Brodus Clay & Alberto Del Rio by pinfall
Santino Marella def. Justin Gabriel by pinfall
Jack Swagger def. Jerry Lawler by DQ
KIng Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler def. Daniel Bryan & John Morrison by pinfall  Read more of this post


Raw 3/21/11

On this episode of Raw, an Intercontinental title match would be set for Wrestlemania.  Michael Cole continues to run his mouth, while secure in his “Cole Mine.”  Kane and The Big Show get some revenge on the tag team champs.  CM Punk tries to play mind games with Randy Orton.  The Miz and John Cena both have surprises and announcements.  Match results are directly below, and full details after the break.

Match Results
King Sheamus def. Evan Bourne by pinfall
Eve def. Maryse by pinfall
Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater def. Vladmir Koslov & Santino Marella by pinfall
Dolph Ziggler, Vicki Guerrero & LayCool def. John Morrison & Trish Stratus by pinfall
Rey Mysterio def. Randy Orton by count-out

Triple H opening.
Triple H came out and talked being old, and how retirement for him may not be very far away.  He goes on to remind everyone that ending the streak would be a career defining moment, larger than all of the championships he’s ever won.  Triple H then asks the Undertaker to show up to Raw next week so he can see him face-to-face one last time before Wrestlemania.  After Triple H finished, Ted DiBiase came out and said that he was upset about being an afterthought for this year’s Wrestlemania after facing Orton last year.  DiBiase says he’s going to take out Triple H so people take notice, but Triple H didn’t like this and attacked him.  Triple H ended the assault by putting DiBiase through the announcer’s table with a Pedigree.

King Sheamus def. Evan Bourne by pinfall.
Pretty quick match.  Bourne missed the Shooting Star Press and then Sheamus hit him with the Brogue Kick and got the pinfall.  Sheamus started talking and Daniel Bryan came out.  Bryan came out and said that he wanted to invoke his rematch clause at Wrestlemania.  Sheamus responded with a Brogue Kick.

Randy Orton backstage.
Randy Orton is greeted backstage by someone who’s name escapes me.  That guy asks Orton about traveling on the road by tour bus, and Orton relates it to that being where he was when he saw the new Nexus form.  And also, that he’s taken out the new Nexus.

Eve def. Maryse by pinfall.
Again, Michael Cole interrupted the match because he had something more important to say.  After Eve picked up the victory, she tried to attack Cole, but was restrained by security.

Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater def. Vladmir Koslov & Santino Marella by pinfall.
Gabriel go the pinfall on Koslov after hitting the 450 Splash.  After the match, the rest of the members of The Corre got into the ring and attacked Santino and Koslov.  Big Show and Kane came out and got revenge on all of the members of Corre for the attack last week.

John Cena via satelite.
Cena said that with The Rock being live on Raw next week, him and The Rock will be face-to-face.  Cena admitted that focusing on The Rock is what is opening him up to the attacks from The Miz.

Michael Cole’s big announcement.
Cole makes fun of Lawler’s father with a photo album given to him by Brian Christopher.  Cole goes on until Lawler can’t stand it anymore.  But when Lawler gets up, he’s attacked by Jack Swagger.

Dolph Ziggler, Vicki Guerrero & LayCool def. John Morrison & Trish Stratus by pinfall.
This started as a singles match between Morrison and Ziggler, but after LayCool and Trish Stratus got involved, the GM made it an intergender handicap match.  After some action, Vicki pulled Trish off the apron, with her crashing onto the floor.  Morrison then missed Starship Pain, and Ziggler hit the ZigZag.  He then tagged in Vicki and she got the pinfall on Morrison.

Rey Mysterio def. Randy Orton by count-out.
This was billed as a Wrestlemania Rewind match.  The original match happened at Wrestlemania 22 and was for the World title.  FYI, the original match also featured Kurt Angle.  As this match was going on, CM Punk came on the screen saying that he was going to go into Orton’s bus and meet his wife.  Orton then went running to the parking lot.  As Orton go there, Punk came up behind him and hit Orton in the knee with a wrench.

The Miz
Alex Riley, after telling everyone that he’s gotten a new job here, introduced The Miz.  The Miz compared people watching him, to people that went through great difficulty to see Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan.  After saying he was the greatest champion ever, he unveiled his title belt.  It’s the spinner, but the W is permanently upside down to be an M.  Cena interrupts the end of The Miz’s celebration.  After saying that in 13 days, he was going to make history.  Then crew members started moving his set, revealing that Cena was actually in the arena.  Cena then came out to the ring.  After avoiding a table being thrown at him, Cena ran into the ring and attacked Miz and Riley.  After a brawl, Miz ran away, leaving Riley to be put into the STF.

Last Word
So it seems like we’re finally going to have a face-to-face confrontation between The Rock and John Cena next week.  To go along with the face-to-face confrontation between Triple H and The Undertaker.  Maybe there’ll be words this time.  I’m not sure exactly what I want from either of them.  I guess I want to see Cena and Rock fight, but without a match, what’s the point.

  • While I always like the Money In The Bank matches at Wrestlemania, I always hated that the IC champ would usually be involved in it instead of a title match.  Won’t have that problem this year.
  • I think the music they play while promoting Snooki’s appearance annoys me more than her actual appearance.
  • I wonder if that was the same woman that played Orton’s wife when Triple H broke into Orton’s house.
  • I liked the reveal that Cena wasn’t actually via satellite.  I found the quick removal of the set to be funny.  Also, it was time for Cena to win one of their encounters.
  • I also like that Alex Riley has been hired back under a different title.
  • Not certain what the “official” end of the Orton/Mysterio match was, but it should be count out.

Raw 3/14/11

On this episode of Raw, The Rock would make fun of John Cena, and then be mocked by The Miz.  King Sheamus would either win the U. S. title or quit.  Randy Orton would try to take out the last member of Nexus standing between him and CM Punk.  Vicki Guerrero would fight for her job.  John Cena would try to end the show conscious.  Match results below, details after the break.

Match Results
The Great Khali def. The Miz by DQ
US Title match:  King Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan(c) by pinfall
Randy Orton def. Mason Ryan by pinfall
Vicki Guerrero def. Trish Stratus by pinfall
John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio by DQ  Read more of this post

Raw 3/7/11

On this episode of Raw, Randy Orton would continue his trek through The Nexus.  King Sheamus would continue to be frustrated.  John Cena responds to The Rock’s latest rant.  A couple Texans show up to the delight and disdain of Michael Cole.  Match results directly below, detailed results after the break.

Match Results
Randy Orton def. David Otunga by pinfall
Christian def. Brodus Clay by pinfall
Divas title match:  Eve(c) def. Nicki Bella by pinfall
Daniel Bryan def. King Sheamus by count out
CM Punk def. R-Truth by submission
Dolph  Ziggler def. John Morrison by pinfall  Read more of this post

Raw 2/28/11

On this episode of Ray, Triple H and the Undertaker facing each other at Wrestlemania is announced.  Evan Bourne would make his dramatic return.  Randy Orton would start down a path to see which members of Nexus would make it to Wrestlemania.  Michael Cole responds to Jerry Lawler’s challenge.  The Rock responds to John Cena’s words from last week.  A number one contender to Eve’s title would be determined.  John Cena and Alex Riley would fight for Riley’s right to work for The Miz.

Match Results
Evan Bourne def. King Sheamus by pinfall
Randy Orton def. Michael McGillicutty by pinfall
#1 contender’s match for the Divas title:  Brie Bella wins Divas Battle Royale
Steel Cage match:  John Cena def. Alex Riley by escape  Read more of this post

Raw 2/21/11

On this episode of Raw, the mystery of the 2-21-11 promos would finally revealed.  The tag team titles would be defended, twice.  A challenge for Wrestlemania would be made.  Two Elimination Chamber combatants would face-off, with a third ignoring threats against him.  Match results are below, and full details are after the break.

Match Results
CM Punk def. John Morrison by pinfall
The Bellas def. Eve & Gail Kim by pinfall
Mark Henry def. King Sheamus by pinfall
Tag Team Title match:  The Miz & John Cena def. Justin Gabriel(c) & Heath Slater(c)
Tag Team Title match:  Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater def. John Cena(c) & The Miz(c)  Read more of this post

Raw 2/14/11

On this episode of Raw, CM Punk would again try to give himself an advantage over his fellow Elimination Chamber participants.  John Morrison would let out some aggression over being nearly blinded last week.  Khali’s Kiss Cam would be awkward and funny.  Natalya got a rematch for the Divas title.  Finally, after a week of waiting, the Wrestlemania guest host would be announced.  Match results are directly below, details after the break.

Match Results
CM Punk def. John Cena by pinfall.
Lumbjill match for the Divas title:  Eve(c) def. Natalya by pinfall.
The Miz def. Daniel Bryan by pinfall.
R-Truth & John Morrison def. Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga by pinfall.
Randy Orton def. King Sheamus by pinfall.

CM Punk def. John Cena by pinfall.
Before the show began, the Raw GM had announced that each of the Elimination Chamber participants would be in singles matches.  Before the match, Cena spoke to the crowd, playfully mocking the couples in the crowd for being at a WWE event.  Cena also speculated about who the host for Wrestlemania would be.  Cena mentioned a few names, but then took the opportunity to mock Michael Cole.  Cena then gets serious and says that after the year he’s had, he needs to be the one to win.  Punk interrupts Cena.  Punk tells Cena that he doesn’t need anything because he is a good person.  Also reminding him that he is 2 and 0 against him.  At the end of a pretty good match, Punk was tossed to the outside.  An unidentified Nexus member under the ring gave Punk a chair, which Punk tossed into the ring.  That same Nexus member gave Punk a wrench.  As the ref took care of the chair, Cena went over to Punk, and was hit with the wrench.  Punk then hit Cena with the GTS to get the pinfall.

Alberto Del Rio and Edge in-ring.
Alberto Del Rio is going on about how it’s his destiny to win at Wrestlemania.  Edge comes out and tells him that he hadn’t forgotten about getting attacked two weeks ago.  Edge says that he too has a destiny, and attacks Del Rio.  Edge is setting himself up for the Spear, but Del Rio’s ring announcer distracts him.  Vicki Guerrero comes out, and introduces the new World Heavyweight champion, Dolph Ziggler.  After a replay of the title match from Smackdown, Vicki tells Edge that she had promised that there would be consequences if Edge used the Spear.  Since he did, he would no longer be the champion, and Ziggler’s official coronation would be on Friday.  Vicki also tells Edge that he’s about to lose his job because she has proof that he attacked Teddy Long.

Lumberjill match for the Divas title:  Eve(c) def. Natalya by pinfall.
For some reason, Cole got on Josh Matthews for telling Sheamus that Mark Henry said things about him last week.  Natalya got thrown out once and was attacked by The Bellas, Maryse, Alicia Fox, and Melina.  Tamina and Gail Kim came to her help.  Eve then took out the heel divas.  The match had a weird ending with Eve countering a pinning attempt by Natalya into one of her own.

The Bellas confront Eve.
After the match, The Bellas were talking smack with Eve, then attacked her.  Gail Kim and Natalya came to help.  The brawl was broken up by refs, most notably, The Nature Boy Charles Robinson.

Mark Henry attacked.
As Mark Henry was making his way down the ring, Sheamus attacked him.  Sheamus then told everyone that this is to be a reminder of what he is capable of.

The Miz def. Daniel Bryan by pinfall.
Alex Riley provided guest commentary for the match.  Right before a commercial break, there was what looked to me like a pretty sick bump.  Not because it was particularly big, but the way Bryan took it.  Miz had him between the top two ropes, and did a neckbreaker.  Bryan’s head landed on the edge of the ring and falls on down to the outside.  After a pretty good match, The Miz is able to hit Bryan with the Skull-Crushing Finale and get the pinfall.  Post-match, The Miz said a few words about his match against Jerry Lawler at Elimination Chamber.

R-Truth & John Morrison def. Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga by pinfall.
R-Truth and Morrison were initially announced as having a match, but apparently during a commercial break, the GM changed his/her mind.  Mason Ryan was at ringside, and did interfere in the match.  When Morrison, who they were saying may have vision impairment from last week’s attack and had the area around his eyes red, got in the ring, he was viciously attacking everyone.  In the end, Morrison got the pinfall.

Khali Kiss Cam.
Ariel Winter, of Modern Family and The Chaperone, introduced The Great Khali.  The Kiss Cam then went around the arena and backstage.  Backstage got Santino Marella and Tamina, Vicki Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler, Maryse and Ted DiBiase but Maryse put a hand in Ted’s face and then kissed Yoshi Tatsu, William Regal and Zach Ryder with Regal kissing Ryder’s who was not aware of what was going on.  Segment ended with Hornswoggle bringing a box of chocolates to Ariel, and she kissed him on the cheek.

Randy Orton def. King Sheamus by pinfall.
A short, but good match.  After Sheamus hit Orton with a Superplex off the top rope, Orton surprised him with an RKO to get the pinfall.  After the match, CM Punk and the Nexus (minus Husky Harris) came in and attacked Orton.  Morrison and R-Truth ran out but were handled by Nexus.  Cena came out, and him and Orton cleared the ring of Nexus members.

Wrestlemania guest host announcement.
Before a commercial break, a limo was shown pulling up backstage.  The camera was positioned on the ground, and only showed a woman getting out of the car.  Back from commercial, Josh Roberts introduced the guest host.  The lights went out bit by bit, the screens went out, then they came back on showing some weird lightning and smoke, then they went off again, then The Rock’s music played and The Rock came out.  The Rock came to the ring, said his bits, and contemplated who he was going to layeth the smackdown upon at Wrestlemania.  After mentioning The Miz, the Rock was going to say who he really wanted to see at Wrestlemania when the alert from the GM came in.  As Cole was going to read the e-mail, The Rock stopped him and used some more of his old catch phrases.  The Rock continues on that he wants to see someone that came in after he left, and has been talking trash about The Rock.  That person is John Cena.  Rock laments about how far the WWE has fallen from Austin 3:16 to “If you smell” to the pathetic “you can’t see me.”

Last Word
So, yeah, The Rock returned to the WWE.  Not sure how involved he’ll be, but it was certainly good to see him back.  What was surprising to me about his appearance wasn’t that he returned and wasn’t that he was still good on the mic.  It was that he went after John Cena, the current face of the company, using a lot of his old language, which isn’t exactly PG.  They did actually bleep out one “ass,” but then didn’t bleep out the others.  Maybe the first one came before 11pm, if that matters.  But anyways, it was entertaining to watch, and I definitely want to know how this all plays out.  I can’t imagine that there won’t be a response from Cena on the next show, which just so happens to be 2/21/11.  Hey doesn’t that date sound familiar?

Speaking of which, on the teaser, they actually showed the Undertaker.  Sure, you can speculate that someone else is in the promo as well, but why bother.  Just sit back, watch, and see what happens.