1004 Convoluted Wrestling Theories: The Nexus

Let’s face it, Nexus will not last forever. With the current storyline being focused solely on putting Barrett over as a legitimate main event contender the others are just his mindless army with no signs of championship gold in their futures while in this group. So where does that leave the rest of the original 8 of Nexus?

  • Daniel Bryan – We’ll start off easy. As the first cast off from the group he quickly finished off his feud with The Miz and became US Champion. It’s likely he’ll stay champ for a while carrying on one & done set-up feuds into the New Year. After that the sky’s the limit as he’s already established himself as a singles competitor.
  • Justin Gabriel – Since he’s known more for his in-ring work than his mic skills I think he should be teamed up with Evan Bourne or at least feuding with him. The people want to see these two together in some capacity so it needs to happen. Teaming them together would make me nostalgic for the days of London & Kendrick’s high flying Tag Team Champions run. Facing them against each other would make want a Cruiserweight Division again but I already kinda want that.
  • Skip Sheffield – Hard to say as his injury has sidelined him from developing on-screen. He’s got the talent to do it alone but will most likely be teamed up with someone like… 
  • Heath Slater – The “One Man Rock Band” needs a tag partner when this is over to help get him over. Be it a fellow Nexus member or yet to be sent up talent he’ll flounder by himself.
  • Darren Young – God help him, he’s trying to make it as a solo star but a 1-1 record on Superstars isn’t going to get him over with the fans. I’m thinking a tag team for him as well and who better than someone he has a lot in common with than…
  • Michael Tarver – Also ousted from Nexus he could be interesting as the betrayed member fighting against them from the outside. Team him with Young and they might get some quick fanfare as they battle their former faction. If only they had a leader, they could actually make a real impact. Enter…
  • David Otunga – Known more for his exceptional mic work than his in-ring talents he could take his voice of dissention within Nexus and turn it into a new ‘Nation of Domination’ of sorts. Add recently returned Ezekiel Jackson to the mix and you may have the makings of a highly enjoyable stable.

There you have it. My thoughts on the 7 members of Nexus that aren’t getting any sort of healthy push out of being part of the most dominate stable since La Familia, and we all know how that worked out for those that weren’t Edge. We miss you Bam Neely.