The End Is Here – ECW 02/16/10

The run of the WWE ECW has come to an end.  Starting off with a bang with Rob Van Dam breaking through that glass ceiling winning the WWE Championship at One Night Stand until he was screwed by Paul Heyman and Big Show making Big Show the first Triple Crown Champion.  We saw the rise of CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, The Miz and John Morrison.  New superstars were initiated with former champion Jack Swagger and the high-flying Evan Bourne while beloved second tier talents rose to become the champions the fans demanded in Kane, Mark Henry,  Matt Hardy and even Chavo Guerrero. The heart and soul of ECW Tommy Dreamer fought his way to Summerslam and with the help of a 1 day contract extension became champion once again. Now we have Ruthless Roundtables, The Gold Standard, a Long Island loudmouth, Dudebusters, Oriental Gold and “peeps” as far as the eye can see. Blood, sweat and tears lie its wake as these superstars move on to their bright futures on either Raw or Smackdown as newly made free agents.

And with that on with the show…

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Wrapping Things Up In The Big Easy – ECW 2/9/10

The night started off with General Manager Tiffany addressing the ECW locker room about the end of ECW. Wh announced that in 2 weeks time they would all be free agents and to look to the future and put on a great show for the next two weeks. She also told them to have fun and with that she pulled out some beads (which she possible might have earned, I don’t know) and a what I want to say was a Hurricane and started celebrating. Abraham Washington was excited about “getting paid” while Zack Ryder was concerned about his and Rosa’s  futures. Me too Zack, me too.

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Big News In Memphis – ECW 02/02/10

The big news of the night was that Mr. McMahon himself would be appearing  to discuss the future of ECW.  What does the this mean for the Land of Extreme?  Well, simply put, in 3 weeks (or after Elimination Chamber) there will be no more ECW.  In its place will be the next phase in sports entertainment. A brand new, innovative, never-before-seen programming premiering in the same time slot on Syfy in March.  Am I surprised?  Not really.  Without Tommy Dreamer there’s no reason to continue calling it ECW.  So I suppose in 3 weeks I’ll be cover the all-new, all-better WWE Tuesday night show!

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A Bad Night For The Champ – ECW 1/19/10

The night starts off with The Abraham Washington Show with your host Santino Marella! Wait a minute. Abraham Washington was apparently unable to host his show that night and Marella stepped in. He taught Tony Atlas some Italian then brought out his first guest Vladimir Kozlov.

After some quick jokes at Kozlov’s expense about why Marella chose him to be his first guest we discovered the true reason Kozlov is so disliked. The truth is that he really loves America (especially chili cheese fries and Hannah Montana) but everyone thinks he’s Ivan Drago from Rocky IV and thus hate him (he did kill Apollo Creed afterall). This gave a the fans of Marella from his pre-WWE days a chance to remember how good of a Russian accent he can do. Kozlov seemed unamused throughout but did give a Rocky IV quote nonetheless.

Marella then decide the two of them should team up and become a tag team to which both the fans and Kozlov said “no!” After that, with no help from Tony Atlas, Marella decide to end the show.

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An All-American American Homecoming – ECW 12/22/09

The night opened up with the All-American American Jack Swagger returning to ECW.  The former ECW Champion stated it was good to be back where he got his start and to see changing faces in Land of Extreme but that the more things change the more they stay the same referencing his distaste in ECW Champion Christian and ECW Original Tommy Dreamer. With that he said he looked forward to winning the ECW Homecoming, facing Christian at the Royal Rumble and becoming the ECW Champion once again.  Read more of this post

The Big Red Monster Kicks Off ECW Homecoming: 12/15/09

The night started off with GM Tiffany in the ring being very proud of her brands contribution to the TLC PPV.  So excited in fact, that she had Shelton Benjamin and ECW Champion Christian come out to the ring to personally thank them both.  Both superstars hobbled to the ring as the should as their  match was pretty pains-taking. Benjamin said that he was very proud to have been in the match but was a little disappointed in himself for not reaching his Gold Standard goal and wanted to do it again requesting a rematch.  Right on cue, William Regal interrupts Tiffany’s important announcement regarding that potential rematch with one word…Poppycock!

Seriously, that’s what he called it then questioned the GM’s sanity as to why she’d bring back the Big Red Monster Kane to ECW.  She explained:  Leading to the Royal Rumble, ECW will be having a Homecoming Tournament for the #1 Contender’s spot featuring past ECW Champions competing against current ECW superstars over the next few weeks.  This weeks qualifier matches were Vladimir Kozlov vs. Ezekiel Jackson and Kane vs. Zack Ryder.  Poor Zack Ryder. Christian and Benjamin have a well deserved night off.

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New Stars, Bad Poetry & A Regal Breakup – ECW: 12/1/09

Sorry for missing the last few weeks but I’ll see if I can catch you up:

Ryder and Mendes are together, Benjamin gets ECW Title Shot, Christian/Benjamin are going to steal the show at TLC, The Hurricane sent the Burchills packing, Vance Archer still dominating, Matt Hardy was guest on Abraham Washington Show, fans love Tony Atlas, Yoshi Tatsu’s still amazing, William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov got owned by Big Zeke after wrongful accused and ring announcer Lauren Mayhew has been MIA.

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