Weekend NXT/Smackdown Review – Mar. 15th & 18th


Titus O’Neil wins Talk The Talk Challenge (2 redemption points)

Darren Young def. Conor O’Brian

Tyson Kidd & Lucky Cannon def. Yoshi Tatsu & Byron Saxton

Titus O’Neil wins St. Patrick’s Day Keg Carry Challenge (3 redemption points)

  • O’Neil won with his dead on Hornswoggle impersonation but other highlights were Saxton’s jokes on Cannon and Novak’s awful, awful rap.
  • Young ended his match with a Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster. It may not be as original as his Full Nelson Flapjack but it’s actually in Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 so that’s a plus.
  • Cannon, AKA De-Lish, AKA Mr. Steal Your Girl has made it his mission to win Maryse over Yoshi Tatsu going so far as to recite poetry (in what seemed like recently learned French) instead of winning the Keg Carry Challenge again (he won his seasons Keg Carry).
  • O’Neil was set up to win the Keg Carry from the start as Matt Striker and Maryse ribbed him about his season 2 fumble complete with video footage. The plan worked out as he pulled off a win in this very heated Challenge.
  • I do suspect the keg was drained as the Rookies were putting down some seriously fast times this season.

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Weekend* NXT/Smackdown Review – Mar 8th & 11th

* Cause I’m clearly never going to start posting this at a consistently scheduled time


New Rookies were not announced because this season is about redemption. The pairings are:

  1. Byron Saxton & Yoshi Tatsu
  2. Conor O’Brian & Vladimir Kozlov
  3. Darren Young & Chavo Guerrero
  4. Jacob Novak & JTG
  5. Lucky Cannon & Tyson Kidd
  6. Titus O’Neil & Hornswoggle

And the winner of NXT Redemption earns a spot on NXT Season 6. That’s not really much of a prize but it’s because they’re trying to make sure Tough Enough succeeds. It is being televised after all.

Other changes for this go around of NXT include:

  • Maryse as co-host
  • William Regal replacing Josh Matthews on commentary
  • The contestants are competing for redemption points instead of immunity points which they can use when ever they wish to keep themselves from being eliminated
  • Almost all the contestants have changed their personae based off their Pro’s thoughts on why they lost their original seasons

Darren Young def. Jacob Novak

Darren Young wins Boot Camp Obstacle Course (3 Redemption points)

Titus O’Neil def. Lucky Cannon

  • The front-runners of this season look to be Young, O’Brian & Saxton.
  • Cannon will probably stay a round for a while because he’s the clear heel of the show.
  • O’Neil is your dark horse because let’s face it, people love Hornswoggle.
  • And Novak will be the first eliminated unless he wins every challenge.

It’s looking to be an interesting new season despite the fact that it’s just treading water until season 6.

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Saturday Morning NXT/Smackdown – Feb. 22 & 25


Johnny Curtis wins Grace Under Pressure Challenge

Johnny Curtis def. Brodus Clay & Derrick Bateman

Brodus Clay wins Open Mic Challenge

Derrick Bateman is eliminated from NXT

Well, chalk up another failed season of NXT. I may seem a little bitter but with the elimination of Derrick Bateman I feel you’ve lost the last Rookie who would actually benefit from winning. Brodus Clay is big enough and has the background that monster bodyguard for [insert heel here] was inevitable for him win or lose. And Johnny Curtis will have to launch his career off teaming with R-Truth. I’m a fan of R-Truth but Curtis will never get over as his partner. He’ll just be that guy that’s with R-Truth even if they win the Tag Team Titles. Then when they eventually break apart (and they will), Truth will resume his upper mid-card/main event filler role and Curtis will fall back by the wayside. He’d have a better chance of breaking through losing and teaming with someone else later down the road.

Next week is the season finale so get your votes in now!

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Saturday Morning NXT/Smackdown- Feb. 15th & 18th


Brodus Clay wins Smash & Grab Challenge

Brodus Clay def. R-Truth

Brodus Clay wins Save Yourself Trivia

Daniel Bryan def. Derrick Bateman

  • The night opened with Derrick Bateman challenging his Pro Daniel Bryan to a submission exhibition with pinfalls legal. Confused, Bryan accepted but needed to change so that people could tell them apart. Cue shot of them in matching “DB” trunks.
  • There must have been a sale on piñatas last weeks. That’s the only explanation I have for the Smash & Grab Challenge.
  • Big Brodus Clay had a big night before next weeks elimination round.
  • It seems the NXT writing staff were fans of Nickelodeon with their You Can’t Do That On TV homage trivia challenge.
  • The Bryan/Bateman match started off a little slow but picked up about halfway through finishing with a series of LeBell Lock attempts and counters.
  • Voting is going on now thru Tuesday so vote now.

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Saturday Morning NXT/Smackdown – Jan 25th & 28th


Howard Finkel wins Out Think The Fink Challenge

Ted DiBiase def. Daniel Bryan

Brodus Clay def. Derrick Bateman, Johnny Curtis & Byron Saxton

  • It seems Bateman wasn’t as smart as he thought in regards to last weeks challenge win and was punished losing immunity points and given less time during this weeks challenge
  • The video footage catching him was hilarious
  • After his Fatal 4Way win Brodus Clay took advantage of his opportunity to switch Pros choosing Alberto Del Rio
  • It was very clever how he used DiBiase’s profile to refer to Del Rio
  • Not a fan of Clay’s finisher though

Smackdown after the jump…

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4th Times A Charm – NXT 12/7/10

Four seasons in and they may have finally gotten it right. Each Pro was introduced and gave a brief intro for their Rookies. Once everyone was in the ring each Rookie had 30 seconds to make a presence. This may be the most charismatic group of Rookies yet. They kept the Challenge victories go towards immunity concept from last season so they actually seem relevant now. Plus the Challenge was moderately useful toward being a wrestler. And NO MICHAEL COLE!!! I assume it’s from the RKO Monday night but Josh Matthews was joined by Todd Grisham. Awful puns ensued.

Capture The Flag Challenge

While the name came from the basic task required the Challenge was actually a bit more complicated. Each Rookie was to take turns running down the ramp, taking down a ladder, setting it up in the ring, climbing up and grabbing a flag then climbing back down (hitting each rung) and running back up to the start. Best time won and Jacob Novak picked up the first Challenge win. Notable runs include Byron Saxton who seemed to realize he was losing and took his time and Brodus Clay who had an impressive time for his size. They tried to put some controversy on the Derrick Bateman finish but I didn’t see what they were talking about.

As for the rest of the show…

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Kaitlyn Wins And We’re Going Into Round 4 – NXT 11/30/10

So Kaitlyn won. Was she the best? Probably not. Does she have the potential to be good? Absolutely. As I’ve stated recently, she has gotten better in the ring. She’s kind of funny, so promos shouldn’t be too difficult for her in the future. It may just take time, which was the problem with the whole Diva Search Contest. But Layla and Eve managed to pull it together fairly quickly, so there’s hope for her. Plus, she technically has a guaranteed title shot too, so that doesn’t hurt.

As for the rest of the show…

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