Saturday Morning NXT/Smackdown – Feb. 8th & 11th


Another elimination night this week with a heated race for immunity between the final four.


Byron Saxton wins Rock Em Sock Em Rookies Challenge

Derrick Bateman def. Byron Saxton

Brodus Clay wins Challenge

Brodus Clay def. Johnny Curtis

Byron Saxton eliminated from NXT

  • Clay refused to compete in the Rock Em Sock Em Challenge giving Saxton a free ride to the finals.
  • After a controversial victory Saxton picked up a decisive victory against Bateman in the video replay mandated rematch.
  • Josh Matthews commented that he thought the loser of Bateman vs. Saxton would be eliminated this week.
  • Dolph Ziggler was sporting the Zack Ryder t-shirt this week under his sports coat.
  • The Challenge brought back AJ & Naomi from season 3 as Striker’s Beauties in this Price Is Right style challenge.
  • Saxton almost won the Challenge and immunity but was over by a few cents giving Clay the victory.
  • Tension between Curtis and his Pro R-Truth continue.
  • Curtis & Clay were tied for immunity and because they left it up to the easily swayed Green Bay audience Curtis won by saying “Go Packers!”
  • I really don’t like Johnny Curtis.
  • Byron Saxton’s reaction to being eliminated came in 3 stages :
  1. About 2 minutes of silence fighting back tears.
  2. Angrily shout he doesn’t understand how the WWE Universe wouldn’t vote for him.
  3. He forgave the WWE Universe for their mistake and left smiling knowing they’d embrace him on day.

His Pro Ziggler got into his face as he left , berating him in the process. The fans, and Chris Masters, started chanting for Saxton to punch him but he was the bigger man and walked away with a smirk.

Elimination Thoughts

I’m a little disappointed in Saxton’s elimination as he was one of my favorite Rookies to watch this season. He has the ability to get booed by playing to the crowd. I felt he needed to win this season to make it to the main roster in a relatively quick time span. As for the remaining 3, Derrick Bateman should win with Brodus Clay in 2nd. I don’t get the hype they’re putting over on Johnny Curtis. The other two are more entertaining in and out of the ring.

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4th Times A Charm – NXT 12/7/10

Four seasons in and they may have finally gotten it right. Each Pro was introduced and gave a brief intro for their Rookies. Once everyone was in the ring each Rookie had 30 seconds to make a presence. This may be the most charismatic group of Rookies yet. They kept the Challenge victories go towards immunity concept from last season so they actually seem relevant now. Plus the Challenge was moderately useful toward being a wrestler. And NO MICHAEL COLE!!! I assume it’s from the RKO Monday night but Josh Matthews was joined by Todd Grisham. Awful puns ensued.

Capture The Flag Challenge

While the name came from the basic task required the Challenge was actually a bit more complicated. Each Rookie was to take turns running down the ramp, taking down a ladder, setting it up in the ring, climbing up and grabbing a flag then climbing back down (hitting each rung) and running back up to the start. Best time won and Jacob Novak picked up the first Challenge win. Notable runs include Byron Saxton who seemed to realize he was losing and took his time and Brodus Clay who had an impressive time for his size. They tried to put some controversy on the Derrick Bateman finish but I didn’t see what they were talking about.

As for the rest of the show…

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Kaitlyn Wins And We’re Going Into Round 4 – NXT 11/30/10

So Kaitlyn won. Was she the best? Probably not. Does she have the potential to be good? Absolutely. As I’ve stated recently, she has gotten better in the ring. She’s kind of funny, so promos shouldn’t be too difficult for her in the future. It may just take time, which was the problem with the whole Diva Search Contest. But Layla and Eve managed to pull it together fairly quickly, so there’s hope for her. Plus, she technically has a guaranteed title shot too, so that doesn’t hurt.

As for the rest of the show…

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Homecoming Finale – ECW 1/12/10

Ever since 2 nights after TLC the fates have been in motion leading up to this night to determine ECW Champion Christian’s #1 Contender at the Royal Rumble. The Homecoming Finale is an 8-Man Over-The-Top-Rope Elimination Match. The superstars are as follows: Kane, Ezekiel Jackson, Vance Archer, Yoshi Tatsu, Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, CM Punk and Shelton Benjamin.

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The Last of The Originals – ECW 12/29/09

The night started of immediately as the ECW Champion made his way ringside for one of the two (sadly very predictable) ECW Homecoming qualifiers. The Moscow Mauler confronts the Juggernaut of Destruction and Tommy Dreamer puts his WWE career on the line.  So without further ado let’s get into it.

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Regal Gets His Title Match In The U.K.

The night started off with ECW’s own late night talk show, The Abraham Washington Show with special guest Yoshi Tatsu. Due to the kind of hecticness of the show I’ll sum it up as quickly as possible.

Lauren Mayhew announces Tony Atlas who announces Abraham Washington. Abe makes the easy joke on British oral hygiene, Tony laughs, Yoshi Tatsu arrives and explains he doesn’t speak English well, Abe and Tastu share uncomfortable chain of “thank you’s”, Tony laughs, Rush Hour reference made, Tony laughs, Tatsu laughs like Tony, Abe ends the show in frustration telling Tatsu to wave bye, Tatsu bows, Abe and Tony leave, Tatsu waves bye. Whew!

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Christian’s In For A Royal Pain In England

The evening opened with ECW Champion Christian coming out to the ring wanting retribution for the brutal attack he suffer the week prior at the hands of William Regal and his Ruthless Roundtable.  He demanded Regal come out and face him in the ring.  The champ didn’t quite get who he expected as GM Tiffany made her way to the ring.

Trying to maintain some sense of order, Tiffany urged Christian not to do anything brash as this was her fault, her responsibility and that this was exactly what William Regal wanted. Christian responded saying that Regal found a loop-hole into getting what he wanted. This did in fact bring out Regal who relished in the fact that he now had the power.

Christian demanded the two have a match. Tiffany said they were already book. Christian said change it and offer up the Title Match. Tiffany gave in. Regal said…no?

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