Quick hits on WWE Superstars 02/17/11

I thought that since I watch the show every week, I might as well give my thoughts on it.  Here’s a rundown of what happened on Superstars.

Chris Masters def. Tyler Reks
It was truly the contest of the behemoths of Superstars, as neither Chris Masters nor Tyler Reks tend to lose matches on the C-Show.  Well, make that Chris Masters who never loses on the C-Show as he caught Reks coming off the top rope and locked on the Masterlock to get the win.  The commentators claimed that since returning to the WWE no one has broken the Masterlock and as long as he sticks to Superstars, that claim will remain true.

The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso) def. Yoshi Tatsu and David Hart Smith
Remember when David Hart Smith was a tag team champion?  Losing on Superstars in no big deal – the lower card seems to shuffle around with who wins and who loses – but losing to the Usos is kind of embarassing.  Not only did these guys make absolutely nothing out of their debut and feud with the Hart Dynasty, but they lost their valet to Santino Marella of all people.  But fortunately, they happen to be identical twins and as stated in the rulebook of tag team wrestling if twins are tagging (or even similar looking partners – the Headbangers used to do it), then they must pull the ol’ switcheroo.  Jimmy exchanged with Jey and pulled the win.  Or at least that’s who Josh Matthews said it was, so I’m taking his word for it.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (w/Tamina) def. Zack Ryder & Primo
Woo woo woo, you knOW! YOU JUST HIT ME WITH THE COBRA, BRO!  I know at least one of this blog’s writers is DZP (hint: it’s manof1004gimmicks) but their efforts at tag teaming has been pretty abysmal thus far.  In an effort filled with miscues and botched moves, the tag champs made Zack and Primo look silly.  ZP became the first pairing I’ve ever seen miss the arm-held-slam-off-the-ropes move when Santino of all people simply pulled Primo out of the way with his held arm.  The ending was never in question and with the loss goes any chance of a DZP tag title opportunity.


Road To The Final 3 – NXT 11/9/10 & 11/16/10


The first challenge this week was an Arm Wrestling Challenge.

Round 1: Aksana def. AJ & Kaitlyn def. Naomi

Round 2: Kaitlyn def. Aksana

I’m not at all surprised with Kaitlyn winning this one. If Jamie was still in maybe it would have been a more balanced competition.

AJ def. Nikki Bella

Nikki controlled most of the match but when the Bellas attempted the “switcheroo”, Primo came to his Rookies rescue. AJ pulled out the win with a pinfall rollup.

The next challenge of the night was the WWE High School Yearbook Challenge. AJ picked up another win after a competitive tie-breaking scuffle with Kaitlyn to answer the final Superstar John Morrison.

Naomi def. Aksana

The match was created during the opening when Naomi called Aksana out on her gold diggin’ ways. Aksana came out alone but before the match started her Pro Goldust came out…and stood in Naomi’s corner. Aksana fought hard but ultimately Naomi pulled out the win.


The night started off with the first challenge, Know Your Pro Challenge. Most of the teams did well except Goldust/Aksana but it was Primo/AJ that came out victorious with a clean sweep.

Naomi def. Kaitlyn

In a surprisingly good match by Kaitlyn, Naomi pulled out another in-ring victory after Vickie Guerrero berated Kaitlyn causing her to lose focus.

AJ def. Aksana

Before the match Aksana apologized to Goldust asking him to be in her corner. Goldust reluctantly agreed but after walking out with her he stopped short and watched up on the stage with the rest of the Pros. Aksana fought valiantly despite being left to fend for herself for the second straight week by her Pro/husband Goldust. AJ picks up another victory.

Diss The Diva 2?

In what I think was the 2nd Diss The Diva Challenge (though they may have filled time with a 3rd once) Naomi proved that she’s still the best on the mic but that’s not really saying much. AJ tried something new that came off a little flat, Kaitlyn was funny but didn’t make much sense (as usual) and Aksana loves WWE and USA.


At the end of the night Aksana was the 3rd Rookie to be eliminated. She fainted. Then got up said her goodbyes (and vows to return) and left. But Goldust had a final surprise for his wife. Divorce papers. So maybe she won’t be back after all.


AJ- Still playing the nerd gimmick well and dominating in the ring. I’m a little concerned about her angle with Primo. It seemed he was starting a ladies man gimmick at the beginning of the season but this will be the 3rd NXT romance this season. Wait, Maxine hooked up with Hornswoggle, it’s the 4th!

Naomi- Clearly the most athletic and can string together an adequate promo but I’m not as sold on her as I was earlier in the season. Should still make the final 2.

Kaitlyn- definitely deserves the Slammy for Most Improved because she could string together a match to save her life at the beginning of the season. Now at least there’s a comfortable flow to her matches.

Aksana- Kinda saw her elimination coming when Goldust returned the Million Dollar Belt and his and Ted DiBiase’s fued ended abruptly on the Old School RAW. With the divorce papers being served to close out the show she’s either going to be released or return managing a debuting wrestling/new husband.

Trick Or Treat & Golden Matrimony – NXT 10/26/10 & 11/2/10

Due to the aforementioned computer problems Masked Marvel spoke of two weeks ago (thanks for covering for me) I’m combining the past 2 weeks of NXT. Hopefully I’ll be back on a normal schedule soon as the season is supposedly coming to an end in 4 weeks.  Read more of this post

Jokes & Jokes & Jokes & Jokes – NXT 9/14/10

This week the Rookies showed their sense of humor and their endurance with a Joke Off and The Obstacle Course. They even threw in some matches to break up the excitement.

The Joke Off

Based on the name alone I was expecting this to not be funny. Though it wasn’t as bad as I thought it be there’s a reason they’re in the WWE and not on Comedy Central. We did get two cat fights from AJ during this Challenge because . She may have anger issues…adorable anger issues. Back on subject, Jamie won with a ‘Knock Knock’ joke with punchline being “Aksana who?” Exactly.

The Obstacle Course

The same course as last season but instead of Matt Striker running the demo we got Vickie Guerrero. Funny but unfortunately she wasted more time than she took to run the course. It took her over a minute to run it. Highlights were AJ having to do almost 10 extra push ups and Naomi screwing up almost every section and actually doing 10 extra push ups. Kaitlyn won with a time of 36.5 with Jamie in 2nd by few 10ths of a second.

Cole Flips Out

After each Challenge Michael Cole lost it, banging a gong next the announce table and saying how much he disliked the NXT format. After the Obstacle Course he walked out completely to the crowd’s “Na, na, na, na. Hey, hey, hey. Good bye.” Let’s see how this plays out. But maybe we won’t have to hear Cole berate the Rookies anymore.

As for the rest of the show…

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Naomi’s Night – NXT 9/7/10

I had to take some time to gather my thoughts on this one because it was a pretty awful show but it wasn’t completely the talents fault. When I first heard it was going to be an all Diva NXT this season I thought maybe it would boost the insufferably weak division. Instead we got an hour-long Diva Search. Hopefully that changes between now and 3 months from now. As for the show itself…

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A Winning Warrior – NXT 8/31/10

This week was the final episode of season 2 and the winner was Kaval with Michael McGuillicutty taking 2nd and Alex Riley in 3rd. The night opened with a Triple Threat match between them where Riley “stole” the win on McG after Kaval did the work of incapacitating him. This was followed by A-Ri’s elimination and then he gave an amazing exiting promo. Later on, Kaval and McG were given the mic and asked to tell the other why they deserve to win over their competition.  McG was pretty awful during his time so Kaval came off sounding great when he gave his better than average promo. Kaval was announced the winner, McG give a slightly better exiting promo (still pretty bad though) and Kaval celebrated with his Pros Lay-Cool.

Earlier in the night Striker asked the 5 previously eliminated Rookies who they thought would win. This was only important because none of them chose Kaval as who they thought should win and Lucky Cannon made a shockingly douche-bag heel turn. So when Kaval’s victory speech was interrupted by the losing Rookies beating his ass to end the show I was pleased.

Unfortunately as with their last NXT assault it didn’t look as if they told anybody except those directly involved. This worked with Nexus on RAW but the Pros didn’t seem to really know what to do.  I’ll bullet point it for efficiency:

  • MVP, John Morrison and Kofi Kingston came down for the save
  • Alex Riley and Michael McGuillicutty make a way too late to mean anything run down to the ring to stack the odds
  • Eventually all the Pros surrounded the ring as the faces were getting tossed out
  • Riley attacked and tossed Percy Watson (who was attacking Kaval) out of the ring
  • Watson later came back in to finish off Kaval.
  • Once the Pros were tossed out of the ring the refs escorted them away from the ring leaving Kaval to the Rookies
  • Kaval took several finishers from most of the other Rookies

So…congratulations Kaval! Hopefully this plays out on Smackdown with this season’s losers targeting solely Kaval with him getting help from the Smackdown Pros around Survivor Series. That could be just as interesting as Nexus without the need for random shock attacks.

Also announced this week was NXT Season 3 and it’s Pro/Rookie combinations…

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The Superstars Rundown 11/5/09

This week on Superstars:

Santino Marella vs. Chavo Guerrero

It just hasn’t been a good past few months for the “Mexican Warrior” as Santino reverses a pin into a win this week. I guess that’s why John Cena says not to mess with leprechauns.

Jack Swagger vs. Primo

The All-American American kept his promised winning streak alive this week with a counter into a Gutwrench Powerbomb for the pinfall…pinfall.

Paul Burchill vs. Tyler Reks

With a fight against a superhero next week on ECW, Paul Burchill put on an impressive showing against the laid back surfer Tyler Reks using the Dangerous Buster to pick up the win.  T. Reks got busted open at some point during the match but I’m not really sure how or when.

Chris Jericho vs. Finlay

The “Man Who Loves To Fight” went up against the “Best At What He Does” in an epic back and forth contest. Finlay was very agressive as to not show effects from the brutal attack he suffered from Drew McIntyre the week before. As Finlay went for the Celtic Cross, Jericho grabbed the ropes and escaped then hit Finlay with the Codebreaker for the win.

And that’s your Superstars Rundown for the week.