Maria, Hurricane, Paul Burchill released

WWE announced three releases from the company yesterday in Maria, Shane “Hurricane” Helms and Paul Burchill.  None of these come as a huge surprise.

According to some, Maria has been looking to move on from wrestling and expand her opportunities, a la Stacy Keibler.  She has not had much to do on her own lately, as the Celebrity Apprentice has limited her storyline possibilities.  That makes two WWE Divas lost to reality TV appearances.

Helms (who WWE finally announced was the Hurricane) was finally rising through the ranks of Smackdown as a bitter heel, but was stopped flat when a neck injury took him out of action for over a year.  When he came back, he was inexplicably turned to a backstage announcer, which eventually transitioned back to his popular Hurricane character.  Unfortunately, a recent arrest for drunkenness pulled him from the air, and he was gone once ECW ended.  Look for him in TNA.

Paul Burchill really perplexes me.  Not that he was released, but that he was never really used.  He’s got a good look, size and talent, but the WWE simply never used him.  His pirate gimmick was crazy over with the fans, but got nixed quickly.  He did an awesome job in OVW, but came back to WWE and was used mainly as a jobber.  Really a tragic waste.  I’d expect to see him in ROH before TNA, as I’m not sure a talented young guy would have a place in the Hogan regime.


Ezekiel 25:17 – ECW 1/26/10

The night starts off with William Regal in the ring revelling over the destruction he and ECW #1 Contender Ezekiel Jackson caused champion Christian last week. Clips are shown and Big Zeke comes out to the ring. He asserts his upcoming domination of Christian at the Royal Rumble quoting a few verses from the Book of Ezekiel. Jackson has a surprisingly nice speaking voice by the way. Very enjoyable.

ECW Champion Christian stands out on the entrance way and comments on Jacksons scripture stating his own verse from the Book of Ezekiel (he is “Christian”), Ezekiel 25:17. For those not familiar with the good book it’s the verse Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) gives before killing someone in Pulp Fiction.

With that being said the two had some brief back and forth when Christian said that unlike the two on one that happened last week he’d found some help this week. Cue massive flame pyros! The Big Red Monster Kane makes his way down to the ring. And this is our opening match!

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Homecoming Finale – ECW 1/12/10

Ever since 2 nights after TLC the fates have been in motion leading up to this night to determine ECW Champion Christian’s #1 Contender at the Royal Rumble. The Homecoming Finale is an 8-Man Over-The-Top-Rope Elimination Match. The superstars are as follows: Kane, Ezekiel Jackson, Vance Archer, Yoshi Tatsu, Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, CM Punk and Shelton Benjamin.

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An All-American American Homecoming – ECW 12/22/09

The night opened up with the All-American American Jack Swagger returning to ECW.  The former ECW Champion stated it was good to be back where he got his start and to see changing faces in Land of Extreme but that the more things change the more they stay the same referencing his distaste in ECW Champion Christian and ECW Original Tommy Dreamer. With that he said he looked forward to winning the ECW Homecoming, facing Christian at the Royal Rumble and becoming the ECW Champion once again.  Read more of this post

The Big Red Monster Kicks Off ECW Homecoming: 12/15/09

The night started off with GM Tiffany in the ring being very proud of her brands contribution to the TLC PPV.  So excited in fact, that she had Shelton Benjamin and ECW Champion Christian come out to the ring to personally thank them both.  Both superstars hobbled to the ring as the should as their  match was pretty pains-taking. Benjamin said that he was very proud to have been in the match but was a little disappointed in himself for not reaching his Gold Standard goal and wanted to do it again requesting a rematch.  Right on cue, William Regal interrupts Tiffany’s important announcement regarding that potential rematch with one word…Poppycock!

Seriously, that’s what he called it then questioned the GM’s sanity as to why she’d bring back the Big Red Monster Kane to ECW.  She explained:  Leading to the Royal Rumble, ECW will be having a Homecoming Tournament for the #1 Contender’s spot featuring past ECW Champions competing against current ECW superstars over the next few weeks.  This weeks qualifier matches were Vladimir Kozlov vs. Ezekiel Jackson and Kane vs. Zack Ryder.  Poor Zack Ryder. Christian and Benjamin have a well deserved night off.

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A Little Taste Of TLC: ECW 12/8/09

With TLC six days away, ECW was ramping up for the event. The night started off with Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson in the ring wanting to tear each others heads off. This has been building for months if you really think about it and the fans were eagerly anticipating it. Then William Regal came out and pleaded with the two (at one point even getting on his knees) to keep his “Ruthless Roundtable” together.

Then ECW Championship #1 Contender Shelton Benjamin came out and said “Let them fight!” He even got a chant going. But Regal seemed to have his men back on the same page stating that it was 3 on 1. Just then ECW Champion Christian and Yoshi Tatsu came out making it 3 on 3. Shots at William Regal were made and it seemed we were about to see it go down then but ECW GM Tiffany (fully recovered) came out giving the “Ruthless Roundtable” a choice: 6 man tag action or Kozlov vs. Jackson. It was 2 to 1 for 6 man tag with Jackson wanting to fight Kozlov. Read more of this post

New Stars, Bad Poetry & A Regal Breakup – ECW: 12/1/09

Sorry for missing the last few weeks but I’ll see if I can catch you up:

Ryder and Mendes are together, Benjamin gets ECW Title Shot, Christian/Benjamin are going to steal the show at TLC, The Hurricane sent the Burchills packing, Vance Archer still dominating, Matt Hardy was guest on Abraham Washington Show, fans love Tony Atlas, Yoshi Tatsu’s still amazing, William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov got owned by Big Zeke after wrongful accused and ring announcer Lauren Mayhew has been MIA.

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