Punk’s Plan: Raw 2/7/11

On this episode of Raw, CM Punk would finally reveal to Randy Orton why he interfered in his title match at Royal Rumble.  The Nexus would try to weaken Punk’s fellow Elimination Chamber competitors.  The Miz responds to Jerry Lawler being the number one contender.  Santino Marella would try to get revenge on Alberto Del Rio for tossing him out of the Rumble.  Match results are directly below, and details are after the break.

Match Results
R-Truth def. Mason Ryan by DQ.
Eve, Gail Kim & Tamina def. Melina & The Bella Twins by pinfall.
John Morrison def. Michael McGillicutty by pinfall.
Jerry “The King” Lawler & Daniel Bryan def. Ted DiBiase & The Miz by pinfall.
Alberto Del Rio def. Santion Marella by submission.
CM Punk def. John Cena by DQ.  Read more of this post


Raw 6/21/10

The show opened up with Vince McMahon coming out to announce that he was blaming the chaos The NXT caused at Fatal Fourway on Bret Hart’s decision to not sign The NXT.  So, McMahon announced that Hart was fired and a new GM would be taking his place.  However, this new GM wished to remain anonymous for his own safety.  This GM would communicate through Michael Cole, by e-mail.  The first announcement was that this new GM had signed all of The NXT.  Sheamus comes out, and initially tells McMahon that that wasn’t how he wanted to win the title from Cena, and acts like he’s going to hand the title over to McMahon.  When McMahon goes to take it, Sheamus pulls the title back, saying he’s going to keep it.  Cena comes out and challenges Sheamus to a rematch.  The new GM sends Cole a couple e-mails announcing the match, and that McMahon would be a special referee.

During the Natalya/Tamina match, The NXT came out.  The Hart Dynasty assumed that The NXT was there to do what they usually do when they come to the ring, so the Harts struck first, and were promptly beaten up.  The NXT then, individually apologized to everyone for their actions, saying that it was not personal, just business.  They were desperate to get contracts, so they did what they had to.  Wade Barrett explained that he joined them even though he already had a contract because he was loyal to his fellow NXTers.

In the main event between Sheamus and Cena, things were going pretty smoothly.  As Sheamus was starting to finish Cena off, The NXT ran out, and ran off Sheamus.  They pull Cena out of the ring, then of course, proceed to beat him up some more.  Vince is standing with The NXT, gloating about what has happened, until they very slowly encircle him, and then attack him.  Wade Barrett Vince with his finisher, and then Justin Gabriel hit him with a 450 splash.

Rest of the show

  • Chris Jericho def. Evan Bourne by pinfall. Jericho had said that if he lost to Bourne tonight, he would leave the WWE.  In what was another fantastic match, Jericho was able to win after countering Bourne’s Shooting Star Press with knees to the gut, and then hitting him with the Codebreaker.
  • Ted DiBiase fired Virgil, and hired Maryse to be his valet.
  • Natalya fought Tamina to a no contest. In what is probably the first of many encounters between the females of the Hart and Uso groups, they didn’t really do much before The NXT came out.  Not bad action, just not enough to get a gauge for the future.
  • John Morrison def. Zack Ryder by pinfall. This match was supposed to be Morrison and Ted DiBiase, but DiBiase, accompanied by Maryse, said that he had hired someone else to be in the match.  Ryder and Morrison put on a fine match, ending after Morrison hit Ryder with Starship Pain.
  • The Great Khali & Eve def. Primo & Alicia Fox. Not sure why these groups were paired up.  A fairly mediocre match, but Eve and Fox looked good enough in it.  Khali did his thing, and Primo took the loss after getting hit by Khali’s double-handed chokeslam.
  • Randy Orton came out and talked about how pissed off he was with The NXT, and was happy that they got hired, so now he’d have a chance to punt each of them.  Orton then talks about getting a shot at Sheamus, but is interrupted by The Miz.  Miz talks about he’s tired of Orton always getting title shots, and that it is his turn.  They fight until Miz makes his escape, and Edge runs in and spears Orton.

Closing Thoughts

This show was perplexing, and not the good kind of perplexing.  I don’t understand the thought behind the long, drawn out appologies in the middle of the show.  That extended segment killed any momentum the show had.  I don’t blame the NXT guys for this, but whoever thought it would be a good idea to have them all apologize individually.  It is something that easily could have been done by one of them.  Having one or two people speak is much better than having all seven of them speak.

I also think that they are over-exposing The NXT on the shows.  I think you should only see each of them once, whether that be as one large group attack, or in smaller 2 or 3 person group attacks.  Personally, I lean towards the smaller group attacks.  You can keep those fast paced, and not stretch them out past the point where the audiences excitement and interest has faded.  As a side note, I really hope Vince is okay, because the moves he took looked painful.  A guy in his 60s should not be taking those moves.

  • Detecting a bit of “new vs. old” in this show with the continuation of Bourne vs. Jericho, and The Miz interrupting Orton.  Probably just grasping at straws, but I hope this actually is something.
  • I like the idea of a mystery GM, because that will likely lead to a reveal at some point.  And I like speculating who the mystery GM could possibly be.
  • Some non-PG moments.  There is the aforementioned beating up of a senior, but also when DiBiase fired Virgil, Virgil asks him what he is going to do for protection.  DiBiase responded with, “Go to a drug store.”

Big News In Memphis – ECW 02/02/10

The big news of the night was that Mr. McMahon himself would be appearing  to discuss the future of ECW.  What does the this mean for the Land of Extreme?  Well, simply put, in 3 weeks (or after Elimination Chamber) there will be no more ECW.  In its place will be the next phase in sports entertainment. A brand new, innovative, never-before-seen programming premiering in the same time slot on Syfy in March.  Am I surprised?  Not really.  Without Tommy Dreamer there’s no reason to continue calling it ECW.  So I suppose in 3 weeks I’ll be cover the all-new, all-better WWE Tuesday night show!

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